A Week in the Life

Link love has been so fun to write the last coupla’ years, but now that we can link-love our favorites with you around the clock via our Pinterest, we thought we’d change it up a bit and just share some nuggets about what we’ve been up to this week – what we’ve been clicking on, watching, reading, and, umm, eating the past seven days. And this week I’ve been hanging out with my newly four-year-old kid (who dresses herself, in a style I like to call “grey gardens meets bananarama”). Can I just mention that I bought that jacket on a gilt group clearance sale when Scarlet was six months old and I’m beyond excited that it finally fits her? Yes, I’m a sale-score nerd who feels obligated to tell you the lengths I went to to get an awesome deal.

So, first up, I discovered a new Netflix obsession to enjoy while I eat microwave chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t steer you wrong when I insisted you watch Downton Abbey a year ago, did I? So trust me. Only this is nothing like Downtown Abbey… Season 1 of The Killing. Watched four episodes in one night, four the next night, and two the next. I have three left and now I feel as though I need to save them because it’s all going to end, and also because I’m tired from staying up until 2 a.m watching Netflix. No one tell me what happens. When I finish, can we all discuss?

It’s spring break at Scarlet’s school this week, which I realized about two days before it started, so I didn’t have any fun plans lined up (momfail). Jacinda swept in and took over PB responsibilities while I started making calls to all my local mom friends in search of some reinforcements. Luckily Scarlet’s BFF niko is on the same schedule and my dear friend (blogger Miss Macki) was able to run over with her daughter Sylvie for a mimosa-and-bounce-house play date.

Also, over on Pinterest, we’ve created a board that just features y’all. If you make something using one of our tutes, tag it Prudent Baby and we will share your creation with all of our readers. The board is called Prudent Baby Projects by YOU.

We have been having a lot of encounters with a certain midnight visitor. Every time it happens I simultaneously think “how can i get this to stop happening?” and “what will i do when this stops happening?” The way your child smells sleeping next to you… Oh I could just freeze her at age four and snuggle in bed forever.

On Wednesday Jacinda accepted a challenge to do 20 fun things with her kids in one day and shared each step with us on facebook and twitter. It was so tiring to watch. Luckily I had a pitcher of sangria to ease my exhaustion.

Jacinda is plotting a roadtrip to the Lubbock Mini Maker Faire on April 28th. If you are in West Texas, go!

Scarlet has become obsessed with board games, and we have therefore come to appreciate them for the quality family time they provide, so we rounded up the 20 Best Board Games, divvied up by age.

And finally, I downloaded the latest (not so new, but I’m on a mom-time-lag with these things) book from my favorite author, Haruki Murakami: 1Q84. Whenever I get up the strength to turn off Netflix I get sucked into it like nobody’s business. I may never sleep again. It’s no The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, but it’s an amazing book.

That’s what I’ve been doing. What have you and the fam been up to?




Potty training… Realizing my daughters may never fit into store bought jeans…. Hating Macy’s childrens section for lack of variety, hmmmm dieting, p90xing… Buying my jeans frim gap because old navy’s rip at the thighs after a couple of months.


I am watching episode 7 of The Killing right now!!! It is super good and I am hooked. I love Netflix.


Totally random… but my daughter has the exact same sparkle shoes from the first picture…. Thrift store find… never expected to see anyone else with them.


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