Baby Fat, Baubles and A New Baby Blog: Friday I’m in Love

Random blog on which we crush: Desiree Fawn’s So Fawned and Prudent Baby go way back but if you aren’t familiar with this  shop owning blogger and pinterest rockstar, you will want to take a peep. This young mama’s adorable brick-n-mortar store, Tango, in Peterborough Ontario is now open for online business, woot!

Project we wish we had created: Of course we wear our kids macaroni jewelry creations proudly but these wood and neon lace baubles from MARTHA seem fun to make with ultra stylish results.

Thing I want to put in my mouth right now: The Yummy Life shares delicious recipes and instructions for natural fruit and herb flavored waters. As part of my new healthy lifestyle (no, really) I am replacing diet drinks and caffeine with tasty refreshing concoctions like this.

Pins you love the most: Stargazing with this DIY Treehouse from Coochicoos and Understanding Thread Tension from Threads.

Place I wish we were headed this weekend: I have a serious case of Rhode Island home-sickness lately and NO, it’s not just the lobsters I miss. I do miss the lobsters. Anyhoo, we have a big road trip to the west coast next month (anyone want to loan us an RV?) but I’ve started dreaming of Rhode Island and how I could squeeze in a week with my entire family at Second Beach.

News that we are excited to announce: The Disney Baby blog is live! I’m enjoying “meeting” all of the bloggers and seeing photos of their adorable families and reading their smart, helpful, heartfelt posts. It’s a magical place, of course. Come say hi.

Lovely thing which I have acquired: I bought my husband a new ipad for his birthday and sneakily walked off with the old one. I’ve never really “gotten” why people like or need them and I’m still searching for worthwhile apps for grownups but I’ve discovered, surprisingly, that I love to read on it. I mostly love that I can read on it at the gym and it doesn’t close on me and it sits up straight and I can turn the page with a flick. Now I am also moving my magazines subscriptions over to it so I have them all on hand for any spare moment that pops up, otherwise… when? So I’m reading again, and that feels awesome. What are you reading these days? Pictured above: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir)& Beautiful Ruins: A Novel

Thing that has me discouraged: Back to that gym thing. Ok so I’ve been working out for a whole week and a half. I hate working out. The personal trainer from Club Med and I created a workout and set a goal for me to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks. That is next Monday. You guys, I have GAINED 3 pounds! I don’t care if “it’s muscle,” I want that number lower. Ok, that is the rant of a woman who really wants a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Let’s get back to happy thoughts.




My husband bought an iPad for me for Mother’s Day and I was feeling the same thing…do I really need this? What the heck do I do with it? But now I love being able to ‘read’ again…anytime, anywhere.

Check out “The Fault in Our Stars”, “The Book Theif” and “How to Talk to a Widower”. These have been some of my favorites since I’ve discovered books again.



I am laughing b/c I’m super grumpy when I start exercising and the number on the scale goes the wrong way. I know the scale indicator isn’t everything but I’d sure like some encouragement that my efforts are paying off. ha. I’m seriously thinking about an ipad- you’re totally making me want one.


The kindle changed my entire view of going to the gym. It’s no longer a place to avoid, but somewhere I can enjoy some me time while my kid plays with other crazy kids. I sit…er…peddle away on the stationary bike reading high quality literature like the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I wouldn’t say there is any weight loss happening from the hour and a half I’m on the bike, but I have knocked out a lot of reading. Worth it.


Amber, that’s awesome! I’ve briefly considered sticking the kids in while I sit by the gym pool but that would just be wrooooooong. haha


Ha! Well if you did at least 1 lap, you could consider it working out. Thus making it less wrong. Right?


Hey Kelly-
You should be able to turn it off by hitting the mute button in the top right of the ad. If that doesnt work, hold mouse over ad unit and a volume control will pop up on right side to turn off. if that doesn’t work let me know and we will investigate. It shouldnt come on unless the viewer turns it on. So sorry bout that!


Laughed with surprise at this post – I’ve always thought of this as a West Coast/Texas blog, only to find one of you is also a displaced Islander! I grew up about a mile from Second Beach, and long for walking its length at all times of year, speeding through the tree tunnel of Paradise Ave, and a million other things specific not just to New England, but to that smidgen of Aquidneck Island.

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