Baby Food Jar Projects: Hanging Bud Vase

Most bud vases just sit on the table, but with the lightness of a baby food jar and the built in lip, why not hang one for a little pop of flowery prettiness?  It takes less then five minutes to create these hanging beauties, learn how after the jump…

1. Grab some wire (I used beading wire) and cut two long pieces:

2. Bend one piece of wire in about half to find the middle and wrap it around the jar right under the lip, then twist.  Wrap the second piece around…
…and twist on the opposite side:
3. Bring the top ends of your wires together and twist like so:
and there you have it:
4. Add water and a few cut flowers from your garden, then hang!




that looks so pretty (love that the flower arrangement matches your pb logo in the left column). đŸ™‚


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