Beginner Sewing Projects for Kids

Looking for beginner sewing projects for kids? I decided to pull together a few of our favorite and most adorable felt stitching projects. These are all perfect little sewing projects that you can do in an hour or so but I specifically selected them because they are easy enough for a kid to take on as a first sewing project.


How cute are these  DIY Felt Cookies? And BABY CLARE (who is now in 7th grade, FYI)

Girl with DIY felt cookie

This Porcupine Pin Cushion Project is one of my all-time favorites. My mood when I wrote the intro is total new-mom brain. Pure comedy. But the project is still awesome.

Porcupine Pin Cushion

Create a sweet Monogrammed Hair Clip for baby. This project is totally addictive, you will want to make one in every color.

baby Embroidered Hair clip

Another of my all-time favorite projects, the DIY felt Cactus Pin Cushion, with a free pattern. This would also make an excellent Mother’s Day gift. Im just saying, kids.

Cactus Pin Cushion

This is a fun one for a kiddo to create and keep for themselves. It’s an easy-to-stitch Tooth Fairy Pouch Project, with a free pattern. It’s basically the ideal beginner sewing projects for kids.

Tooth fairy pouch

How much fun are these DIY crinkle toys? Learn to stitch one up with the DIY Crinkle-Bot Tutorial and free printable pattern.

DIY Crinkle Toy for baby

I’d love to add a few new beginner sewing projects for kids. What would you love to see here on the site? It has been so great to see so many new people, especially kids, become interested in sewing.


Need supplies for your beginner sewing projects for kids? Check out these delicious supplies that you can pick up on Amazon Prime (affiliate links)

Embroidery Thread in a glorious rainbow of colors (affiliate link, thank you!!)

Felt Fabric in a glorious rainbow of colors (affiliate link, thank you!!)



Holly McCormick

Do you have a link the the needles you use for the beginner sewing projects? Thx


Hi Holly! Not specifically but any embroidery needle should work. You want a sharp point and a eye large enough for several strands of embroidery floss. Have fun! : )


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