Beyond the Poster: 3 Creative Framing Ideas

How to frame a book into book tray

In general, I am reluctant to turn to custom framing. Even with Michaels amazing weekly deals, it’s an investment I reserve for valuable items or crazy DIY schemes I get in my head but can’t execute with my arsenal of home-studio tools.

Earlier this week I loaded up the back of the van with three of the latter for the custom framing department at my local Michaels. When they had invited me, they mentioned that they frame everything from guitars, license plates and sports jerseys to quilts and wedding mementos so I brought along a few dream projects plus some backup artwork just in case my first choices weren’t do-able. Check out my Texas Tuesday video this week to see how it all shook out. Let’s just say that Derek from Michaels blew my DIY mind with his great ideas. Does it sound like we are old pals? We totally bonded over an awesome crafty brainstorming session. It wasn’t just me, while I was there three other customers (who Derek knew by name) came in with crazy projects. A football jersey that needed to show both sides (hmmnnmn), a 3-D collection of golf paraphernalia, and a woman who had so many questions about framing a cross-stitch that it sounded like a sitcom. I hear ya girl, cross-stitch takes a LONG time, have to protect your masterpiece. Eavesdropping on their conversations was a great way to learn about all the services that Michaels Custom Framing dept can provide from custom cut mirrors (DIY wheels turning) to engraving and LED gallery lights. Plus you can see exactly what your finished project will look like with the Michaels in-store custom frame Visualizer. High Tech.

Read on to see my finished projects!

With the holidays coming up, I’m sure y’all have some gifts planned that would look great hanging on the wall in an archival, museum quality frame, but get in soon, they are headed into their busy holiday rush by the end of this month. Visit for info, inspiration and this week’s custom framing coupon.

Here is how the framed book turned lap tray turned out. With the top attached by magnets, you can still read the book or simply flip the page for a new look. In fact, since the book is only attached by Velcro tabs, you can even swap it for any Golden Book.
How to frame a book into book tray

There’s even room to tuck in a pen and some note cards for an all-in-one writing desk. All I had to do after I picked up the frame was add some inexpensive drawer pulls through the sides of the frame. I went subtle but there are so many pretty options.

The second project, my letterpress drawers turned covered curio display, turned out great too. I’ve already started filling it with some special little trinkets, with plenty of room for the treasures we find throughout the years to come.

How to display a collection
My third project is still at Michaels due to it’s enormous size! I can’t wait to get it home and hang it on the wall.

Michaels provided complimentary framing service, but my opinion is not for sale.


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