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camping outdoors gifts

Quinn and I spent last weekend in Girl Scouts Camping Training, which means that I am now certified to take a gang (troop, whatever) of girls out into the wilderness to survive using only our wits and toasted marshmallows. Are you scared yet? I did not think it possible but I feel inspired and ready. I LOVE CAMPING! And like most people who newly LOVE camping, what I love most about camping is the gear. Here is a guide to our favorite camping and outdoorsy gifts for every mountain woman, Lumber-sexual, and wild child on your gift-getting list.

Women’s Plaid Down Vest – This cozy number from Lands End saved me from the chilly temps on our wilderness training weekend and in plaid, which is smokin’ hot this year, it is just as fitting for all of the stops on your social calendar this season. It’s on sale today for $29.50!

Stanley Classic Flask – Another way to stay warm in the mountains or on the slopes is a lil sip of bourbon. $20

Lead the Way Headlamp – This cute kids version of the classic headlamp is great for the trail but even better for nighttime reading, all cozy in bed. (update: this version appears to be sold out, here are some other options)

Sriracha2Go Keychain – The perfect stocking stuffer to add some spice. $15 for 3/empty.

glerups wool slippers denmark

Glerups Outdoor Slippers – I’m wearing these luxe wool slippers as I sit here typing. I can not do their comfort and warmth justice. If you love a slipper connoisseur, you have found their gift. These toasty clouds come in indoor and outdoor sole options and a variety of styles and colors. They are amazing. $135

Black Diamond Moji Lantern – Camping seemed to be all about finding the perfect lantern. This glowing orb from REI can be carried/hung by it’s handle or set on it’s base to caste a powerful 100 lumen glow throughout the tent or cabin. $19

Plimsoll Plaid Bogs – My Bogs bring all the Lumbersexuals to the yard. No but really, Bogs’ boots look adorable enough to wear to the office or a museum but are awesome for actually being outdoorsy as well. I love my Bogs and so do the people who stop me on the street or trail. This Plimsoll Plaid model is comfort rated to -40F and is 100% waterproof. So basically your nose will freeze off before your feet get cold. $135

Sportsman’s Hatchet – I won’t name names but even a city boy will enjoy owning his own hatchet. He might just hang it on the wall and look at it longingly, waiting until some old furniture needs to be consolidated, but he will feel very outdoorsy doing it. $34

Portable Solar Chargers – It was amazing to see how long my phone battery lasted when I put my phone away and spent some time with nature, and real live humans. Over 3 days! But there will still come a time on your backpacking adventure that you may need a boost of juice and a portable solar panel will do the trick. If you see me with one hanging off of my purse while running errands, don’t judge. Options start at $20

Wool Plaid Trapper Hat – This GAP classic keeps their hunky bean cute and cozy. At home on the campsite or mountain trail, it’s also perfectly adorable when you drag him out for cocoa and caroling. $34.95. EVERYTHING AT GAP is 40% off with “DASH” at checkout TODAY!

daneson toothpicks

Daneson Toothpicks – A refined gift that even the most rustic (or rustic-inspired) fellow will love. A selection of fancy, small-batch white birch toothpicks infused with essential oil and natural flavors like Bourbon, Cinamint, and Single Malt.

kelly kettle outdoor camping stove kettle

One of my favorite camping experiences is cooking and eating around an open fire. The camping gadget that I’m crushing on most is the Kelly Kettle, pictured above. One of the instructors on our camping weekend, a US Air Force engineer, had one and showed us how it worked. Basically you add some small pieces of fuel to the bottom and start your fire. The resulting flame heats the water in the surrounding canister for purifying, hot beverages, or warm washing water. When you purchase a Kelly Kettle Kit, it comes with tools to easily turn the kettle into a cook top and the kit all fits into a compact sack for travel. I have one of these on the way (Merry Christmas to me!) and can’t wait to bring it on my next adventure. This small company started by two brothers in Ireland has a cool story. Starting at $58

camping cooking giftscamping cookbook gifts 

Cast Iron Dutch Oven – A fabulous addition to the home kitchen, a cast iron dutch oven is also wonderful for camping. Delight your company with one pot meals, comforting soups and stews, and even cake cooked on an open fire or on hot coals. I had so much fun learning to cook more than burgers outdoors. $12-$145

 Enamelware Percolator – There is nothing like poking your head out of the tent to a hot cup of coffee. This classic enamelware percolator makes coffee on the campfire easy. $24&$28

Telescoping Campfire Forks – We have used these for years roasting marshmallows at home but they really come in hand around the campfire. Whether you like your marshmallows warm and toasty and perfect, or burnt to a crisp, campfire forks will make the experience safer and easier especially with the littles. Starting at $10

Ready to take your campfire cooking to the next level? Here are three books to inspire everyone from kids to gourmet chefs to take their kitchen game outside. Scouts Dutch OvenCampfire CuisineCooking With Fire

camping outdoors gifts

COLEMAN Enamelware Dish Set & Stainless Steel Flatware – This enamelware set has me longing for classic camping goods. This would make the perfect gift for your friend Jacinda. $52

camping gifts for kids   

Campground Bedding – Give the tots sweet dreams of cool nights around the campfire when they are back at home snuggled in their warm bed with this super cute bedding set from Land of Nod. $14-$119

Campfires Wall Art – What is your favorite way to build a fire? The Girl Scouts use an “A” figure. Yes, I am now a master campfire builder. I love this campy poster from Land of Nod stylishly displaying different ways to build a campfire. $40

Spooky Campfire Stories – While I am not at all into scary stories, Clare LOVES them. Anything a bit spooky but not terrifying. I’m glad that she can read now so I don’t need to have any part in the reading of this well-received book. Seriously, what is wrong with you people and your love of scary things? $10

Hand stitched felt ornaments – On a cuter note, a few handmade felt acorn ornaments from Etsy will delight even the most rugged mountain man on your list. Be sure to stick a few in his stocking. $6

Happy Trails Campers!


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