Canton Scores!

This past weekend, the girlies and I, along with my mom and my sister-in-law, took a road trip down to Canton, Texas for the infamous Canton First Monday Trade Days… “The World’s LARGEST Flea Market.” Ladies {and dude[s?]} It blew me away! There was such amazing stuff… I’m hooked.

Check out the vintage paint-by-number originals that I scooped up for Clare’s bathroom.

And this adorable owl hangy thing that would be a perfect toothbrush or comb holder (but not together because that would be disgusting, gag.) I was going to paint it but now I’m totally loving its worn paint (and rhinestone eyes, of course.) Don’t paint, right?

Click thru for more of my flea market finds and let us know your latest score in the comments. We’re already jealous.
I walked away from racks and racks of pristine vintage tablecloths which would have made beautiful fabric for projects (not to mention beautiful tablecloths.) I was overwhelmed by the choices. REGRET! This will be my first stop next trip.

This bright yellow tin featuring randy victorian illustrations had to be mine for the craft cave.

This book was a childhood favorite. When I opened to the title page and found that the former owner was named “Sparky Boyd Jr” my decision was made.

I even scored something for the huz. Did anyone else have these as their “nice” dinner glasses in 1983? We are a classy bunch and now the tradition can live on. Happy Birthday Rick!

My mom snagged a bunch of red bias tape for me and wrapped in the middle was this little DIY card for making a spool animal. If you send in 5 cents you can get the entire set of 6!… in 1931.

And at the end of the day, I came across a pristine chenille bedspread for $7. It was the one item actually on my list and I had big plans to use it in a few sewing projects. But it was so pretty and soft and white that on Sunday afternoon, we just hung out on it in the back yard, doing puzzles and twirling in new dresses from Little Bean. So I guess I will have to find another one for cutting next month.

So tell us! Any great thrifty finds lately?



The Oxford Family

I made it to Canton this weekend too! Found a ton of cute stuff but am living on a budget so just settled for a few πŸ™‚ Oh and got in a fender bender in that horrific parking lot..err field πŸ˜‰


LOVE it. I've never been to a flea market before. I really want to go to one, but Texas is just a bit far for me…. πŸ™

The Star Wars glasses are hilarious. I fondly remember some Peanuts and Garfield ones we had when I was a kid. LOL

And OBVIOUSLY you could never pass up a book whose original owner was Sparky Boyd Jr.

I seriously need to get to a flea market, STAT.

Rebecca@This Present Life

Great finds! I haven't been to Canton in a couple of years but now you've made me want to go next month! I think leave the owl as is. And I'm impressed with the will power it took to pass up all of those beautiful linens! At least you know they'll still be there next time πŸ™‚


I would have LOVED to go to a flea market! The closet I have are vintage thrift stores in a retirement community nearby:) I recently found a large wooden fork and spoon set for my kitchen….tacky? I don't care! I painted them and they are my most favorite thing! Plus my friend paid full price at a home decor place for the same thing…but mine are real vintage:)


oh, i LOVE canton! i grew up a couple of hours away, and used to go often. haven't been in ages — maybe the next time i'm home. i have an awesome huge brass plate hanging on my wall my mom and i got there about 15 years ago.

and you thought this weekend was great? you should really check it out labor day weekend — that's the craziest time EVER to go.


I go thrifting whenever I can, and my most recent fave was a vintage kids card game, hearts, still wrapped in plastic, for 49 cents. it has these charming animals, and (one of these days) i'll take pics and share. i also scored a huge wicker picnic basket that is now holding all my ribbons.


I grew up near Canton and we'd drive over for the day…. I never understood how lucky I was until I moved too far away to go there! Sigh….

Glad you found such great things! (But wasn't the hunt the best part…?) -mab


i am jealous of this flea market but it reminds me that the rose bowl one is next week and i must go. and the girlies look so cute in their little bean dresses! i wish scarlet was wearing her sin the pic too!

Sontza Design Works

I just wanted to tell you I have just spent a couple hours wandering through your site and wow … I LOVE it!! So many great ideas and fun things.

Thanks for sharing and I will most certainly be a regular!



I'm going to Canton in June! You have to say where to go for the tablecloths!

Rising Designs

I wish we could go every month. And if we ever go again, I have to be sure my cell phone is charged up! In case we wander off in different directions again.
Definitely don't paint the owl in my opinion. The worn off paint is one of its vintage qualities.


If I were you…I would have gotten some of those cowboy boots! How awesome are those and they are even worn in for you! There has to be a way to sanitize them. Oh and I would have gotten plenty of those vintage pillowcases for some pillowcase dresses!!!


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