Cookie Decor: How to Make A Cookie Board & Cookie Bunting

I used to detest paper projects and cookie decorating because of the precision and attention to detail they require. I don’t know what happened, but lately I’m totally Sweet on Paper. Since we asked y’all to create paper packaging for a sweet treat for our Sweet on Paper Contest to win a new Brother All-in-One 11X17 Printer/Scanner/Fax, I thought I’d try to do the same. And once you spend this much time making cookies, what’s a few more hours?

Here’s my entry, find out How to Make A Cookie Board Display and Cookie Bunting after the jump…

Cookie Decor: How to Make A Cookie Board and Cookie Bunting

First you need to make some sugar cookies (we love Martha’s Ideal Sugar Cookie recipe), then make some royal icing, then decorate the sugar cookies (thank you for those tutes Jacinda, I followed them religiously). Then drink. Then sleep. Then if you’re up for it after all that, you can start packaging them.

Jacinda suggested I make black guitars with flowers for the Fiesta Party – genius! I picked up this cookie cutter set (i think some of these are actually cellos, hee).

I also made some “3” cookies using this number set.

I made about 125 cookies, then my dog ate half. ARGH.

To make the cookie board you’ll need a sheet of foam core and a sheet of pretty paper larger than the foam core. I had to cut my foam core down to fit the paper around it.

Your supplies will include pretty paper for the cookie bags, glue dots, short pins, and something to hang the board with (I used the 3M command stuff, but it was just okay on the concrete wall the board ended up on – had to chew some gum and use it as a back up – that’s an old production assistant trick).

Attach your pretty paper backing to your foam core with spray mount:

Then wrap the edges of the paper around to the back and tape in place:

Board complete.

Now you need to bag your cookies. I used cello bags that were 4″ wide so I cut my paper into 4″ wide strips.

Then I wanted the paper to be 1.5 inches thick on the top of the bag, so I cut my 4″ strips into 3″ wide rectangles.

Now I have a bunch of 4″x3″ rectangles:

So grab a cookie…

Put it in your bag.  The key to a good looking board is to make sure all the bags are the same length, so it helps to have a measuring matt. I folded the top of my bag down so each bag was 6.5″ long:

Then I folded each 4″x3″ rectangle in half and ran over the crease with a bone folder:

So now they are 4″ X 1.5″:

Attach two glue dots to the bottom corners:

Slip over the bag and press into place:

Attach two more glue dots to the top corners and press firmly to adhere:

Then I pinned the bag to the board. Measure first so you have even amounts of space between the bags. A finger-width worked for me.

I also alternated which way the guitars were facing.

Can I just show you a few more pictures of my cookies? I worked so hard on them. These are the cookies my dog ate two batches of that I was crying about on facebook. But no, I didn’t murder him. I still think about it though.

I packaged up the 3’s…

…in different paper to use as bunting.

I hung baker’s twine and used wooden mini clothespins painted red to hang the cookies from the string.

The extra cookies I placed in a basket on the table.

At the party’s end, the wall looked like this… decimated. Lots of little dribbly black tongues too.

Hope you are inspired to work on your Sweet on Paper Contest entries!




Wow!! If I did that much work for my daughter's 2nd birthday party, I would be dead. Of course, I'm also 8 months preggers, so even the cake has been dumbed down to a short process. (Oreo dirt cake, anyone??) We're going with a garden theme this Saturday, and I still have dreams of making cute paper goodies in time for both the party and it enter the contest. *sigh* I guess right now I just get to live vicariously through all of the other Prudent Baby devotees out there. Maybe, just maybe, I'll find the energy to make them…here's to dreaming!!


cute idea! I am also trying to get ideas for my sin's birthday party.. and its not til November! 🙂 there are going to be lots of kids so I need to plan big 🙂

Lil Mama Stuart

omg the dog! the cookies look wonderful! I like the 1/2 bottle of cuervo left and what happened to the cupcake tower?! can we get a tute on that??


i love it! for the packaging, i would have saved a step, and used the colored staples (from the scrap section) but i love the guitars err chellos, love love love it all! very cool!


I just bought those cookie cutters, thanks for showing them! I needed something special for our special son's bday and guitars it is!

April @ Sewing Novice

Very cute!!!! I wish I had the motivation to make cookies because I think it would be a ton of fun! Any great ideas for a girls 2nd birthday? I am thinking lady bug theme.

The Queen

Wow that was beautiful! I would have been very impressed if I walked into the party and saw that. I really am no fan of cookie baking. This Christmas I did make sugar cookies for our ladies cooking exchange but I had to do it over a few weeks. Make the dough one day, roll and cut out and bake another day, and then bake still yet another day. Otherwise it's SO exhausting. But I'm glad I didn't have a dog that ate them or I probably would have actually done physical harm to the mutt…


I know I'm late on this one but where did you get that cupcake holder?!? If you made it please share how!!! I am totally LOVING IT!!!!!!


I have also had my dog eat sugar cookies!! He is a frosting dog if I've ever seen one. Gets all crazy eyed about cookies now.
Lived in Butte, Montana and made some awesome shamrock cookies and I got home and he got them off the table, there were two left under the plate that fell on the floor that he couldn't get. Kind of upsetting but funny now.
Your cookies look amazing. How much time did you put into them alone?


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