Costume Inspiration!

You know how I feel about costumes, so of course I adore Halloween. What are you dressing the kids up as this year? Are you planning to dress up too? If you need some inspiration, or just your fix of crafty cuteness. Check out these slide shows to see what other crafty mamas around the web have cooked up! The little Dwight Schrute pictured above is so adorable, and the cardboard robocop is pretty amazing too. Check them out here: 10 Awesome Costume Ideas for Little Dudes.

Dot candy cuteness! And the sweet scarecrow! See these costumes and more here: 15 Awesome Costume Ideas for Little Ladies.

Maybe the whole family wants to coordinate. Get inspired here: 15 Group Costume Ideas for Families.

Follow our dress up pinterest board for more fun costume tutorial linkage. And tell us what you & your kids are planning to dress up as in the comments!




We don't personally celebrate Halloween, but I do respect moms and families that have original costumes! Im so tired of seeing the same Disney store costumes…what happened to using the imagination? These are great:)…especially the Dwight one…classic:)


My 3yo son wants to be a jazz trumpet player, so I think I'll dress his twin sister as a flapper to coordinate. Can you tell we just moved to NOLA?! He cracks me up!


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