Crafter’s Wishlist 2011 – Jacinda Edition

It’s the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year! I’m sure you agree that handmade gifts are the most magical gifts of all but us little prudent elves need some tools to make the magic happen. So let’s talk about the crafty supplies that we’d like to find under the tree. Some of the items on our Crafter’s Wishlist are items that we personally can’t live without and some are goodies we, ourselves, hope to open up on Christmas morning!

Thick Wool Felt
I keep seeing gorgeous projects using thick wool felt and can’t wait to get my hands on some in a rainbow of colors!

A Rainbow of Thread
Jaime and I had the pleasure of trying out this beautiful collection of Pacesetter Embroidery Thread. I use this thread for sewing and embroidery every day… and lovingly caress it at least once a week. It’s like a work of art on the wall.

Silhouette Cameo
At the risk of being predictable, this list would not be complete without the Cameo. This machine is amazing. It makes so many projects easier, the designs are adorable and it’s mesmerizing to watch. My wish is for each of you to find one under the tree!

Bias Tape Maker
You know we love the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker. This year they’ve introduced an updated model, Simplicity Deluxe Bias & Piping Maker. This is probably awesome and I’d like to try one please.

In my last Fabricworm order, I picked up some solid Kona Cotton in a bunch of pretty colors.  It’s so soft and lovely. Not sure what they will be but it’s great to have them on hand.

But there’s more…
Olfa Applique Scissors – Every crafty mama needs some beautiful tiny sharp fabric scissors like these c/o Olfa. Lovely.

And while we are on quality scissors, I would like some Gingher Pinking Shears please.

For all of my file transferring, from computer to embroidery machine, from desktop to copy shop. I love a little USB flash drive like this adorkable R2D2 number from Fred Flare.

I saw a bunch of slippers made from this pattern in the Simplicity booth at Quilt Market but it’s always sold out in store! If you see one, you should grab it. I take a size 10, just FYI.

Mambo yarn-I’ve been stalking Martha’s new Lion Brand yarn, especially this Mambo. I think I want to trim a clutch with it. What would you make?

And while we are Martha-ing. How about the new RICH palette of glitter?
And may I recommend adding a little box of paints and stencils to your wish list?

Into bias tape and quilt binding? Get your hands on some Wonder Clips please. See them in action in our quilt binding post.

In all honesty, I hadn’t heard of pearl cotton until Anna Maria brought it to my attention with her beautiful work and packaged it all up in a pretty box.

And since we all know I’m cookie crazy, I have to include at least one sweet goodie! Crushing on these Sweet Pressed CookieStamps c/o Stampin’ Up.

What’s on your crafty Christmas list? Do tell. Dream big! My secret wish is for this wonderful camera. Maybe someday!

But where are the books, you ask? Stay tuned for my book wishlist on Babble this week!




I love the solid fabrics most of all – I have a lot of scrappy prints in my stash but no solids to go with them! Yarn is always on my wish list, too, but I make my own so I'd rather just have more wool to card and spin and dye. đŸ™‚



My Christmas list includes a serger, embroidery machine and enough fabric and thread to play all year! The bias tape maker looks pretty cool too. I hate all the folding and burned fingers.


I like the way you ladies think! Now some of Jess' handmade yarn is on my list too. : ) And Sarah, I hope you made a stocking for the contest… maybe you will win one of your wishes!!


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