Crochet Party Chain

Back in February, Cornflower Blue’s Rachel Hunnicut, a talented knitter, crocheter and embroider-er-errrrr, created a beginner embroidery tutorial for Prudent Baby. We were so blown away by it’s AWESOME that we forgot that we had originally asked her to guest-post this fabulous Crochet Party Chain. We love it as party decor but even more-so for it’s long life in your home after the cake is cut and the guests go home. Take it away Rachel!
I made a fun little project with tutorial to go with it!  A cute, colorful party chain made using simple crochet stitches and leftover yarn. You can use tiny balls of leftover yarn to make each link a new color!

I’m assuming a basic knowledge of crochet stitches, but if you need help here is a place to start.

I used inexpensive acrylic yarn and an H8 / 5.0mm crochet hook, but you can use any yarn you like with the appropriate hook.

For the first link you start like this:

• Chain 30.
• Join the chain to form a ring by slipping your hook through the first and last chains and pulling your yarn through.
• Chain 3, then work one row in double crochet, joining the first and last chains with a slip stitch to complete the ring.
• Chain 2, then work one row in single crochet, joining the first and last chains again.
• Cut the yarn, knot off, and weave in the loose ends.

For the second ring, start by chaining 30 again.  Before you join your chain into a ring,  pass it through the center of the first link.  Then join into a ring.  Make this link the same way you made the first one (one row of DC, one row of SC), but you’ll be working around the previous link.  When you’re finished it will look like this:

Keep adding links in the same way until your chain is as long as you would like…

Make sure to weave in all those pesky ends and you’re finished! : )

Thanks Rachel! We love your work! 




This is awesome. I dye my own yarn line, and I've been looking for a way to use up leftover mini skeins of my own yarns to hang them up in my home/studio area. This is perfect! I'm kind of a nut for all things garland-y so this is right up my alley. 🙂

Thanks for posting!!


How cool would this be as scarf? Living in hot Texas (like you) I rarely need a heavy scarf. If I could only crochet. I have failed so many times before.


I must make one of these for my DD!!! I have so much acrylic yarn that it's spilling out of its totes and onto the floor in my guest bedroom. If I don't start doing something with it soon, I'm afraid it's going to stage a coup. It's not my fault I have so much though! my dad gave me his late wife's stash and my grandmother got tired of crochet and gave me hers, and combined with the stash I already had, well…. you get the picture.
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