"Curtains"… Kinda

I have this window in my house that has been sitting naked for over a year, as I refuse to accept that I am never going to sew a curtain for it. I’ve been planning and planning to create a DIY Roman Shade tutorial for you, but there really isn’t a super simple way to do it. So the window has sat bare. I even have the fabric! Anyway. Scarlet just started pre-school and every day she comes home with another awesome new piece of artwork. I needed a place to display them all, so this is what I came up with! It’s just nails, string, and tiny wooden clothespins. After school everyday she picks a spot and we pile the artwork on. It’s working pretty well at hiding my disgusting robe-clad self from the poor unsuspecting neighbors while I’m making coffee in the morning, too.

What do you think? Ghetto? Or cute?

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What a perfect idea of displaying your kids artwork. I can't throw anything away that my daughter makes….this may come in handy! πŸ™‚


Cute! Definitely not ghetto. I like the idea of it constantly changing with each new project that comes home.

Hope it's ok that I signed up for the Prudent MAMA news letter, even though I'm not a mama!

Team Botanical

Definitely cute, and definitely not ghetto. There is a toile arm chair flanking the display, after all.

Oh, and as far as the artwork management goes, I take a picture of everything that comes through the door, keep the special ones and trash the rest. I hope that this practice still works once she knows where her precious art is going.

Sugar Bear

Love it! Not ghetto at all. Can I ask where you got the table and chairs? I just started looking for a set for my 18 month old and yours look great and look like they fit into smaller areas which is our challenge!


i love it… and the best part is that preschool artwork is usually very holiday oriented, so youre set for decorating this year! (that one window, anyways) looks like your little one has made herself useful, time to put her to use for the other windows! haha

Amy L

Definitely cute – great idea! I should do something similar in the playroom window. We have piles of artwork that I've been wanting to display.


I love it…but of course I am biased because I have done the same thing in our kids playroom. Though I'm not hardcore enough to use nails…I used yarn and push pins. But I love it…I think those kind of curtains bring you more happiness then any other kind would.

beth lehman

oh, please do the tute – although your window is pretty with artwork… it's just that I need to do some roman shades and I have been looking ALL over for help!


Lol @ "…ghettto or cute?" – I definately think cute from the inside, and from the outside, well, who cares, really?! Mostly I am writing to say that I have a Scarlett too!


I think it is SUPER cute. And besides…you are making your lil one feel like a STAR! What more could you ask for??? SO SWEET, I love it…


ghetto? yes. cute, most definitely!!! i'm totally going to do something like this with my kids' art work, when i have some… lol.


I think it's totally cute!

Everything in my house ends up on the refrigerator, and must be within the kids line of vision(which really isn't too big). Then when I take it down to make room for more, it's drama and they're wondering where the other stuff went.

Little Monkey Tutu

I think it's better than any curtain could ever be!!! Yay art!!! πŸ™‚


The 2nd pic, with the smaller, shapelier artwork is cuter, I think.
Not that the 1st is ghetto…you guys are so not ghetto…even when you're dresses in WT or rollerskating gear…


I am so stealing this idea! We used to have a "gallery space" in our dining room, but we are re-doing the room, so the gallery is gone for now.

I love how displaying their art makes them make more. And encourages them to think about what they are making. LOVE kid art!


Charming and clever solution for you and your growing artwork collection. What child wouldn't appreciate having a display like this of their artwork shared at home. Very Cool, even those of us who are grandmothers could use this idea to cheer up a window with favorite art pieces from our beloved grandchildren. Thanks for sharing this display tip.


This is a cool idea!! And the theme can change every week. I bet your daughter is proud to display her art work.


My daughter and I were just having this conversation at lunch today — since GrandDolly #1 has started preschool, she is bringing artwork home nearly every day. Darling Daughtenow working the cupboards — I'm going to tell her about this idea so that she can spread the wealth into her living room!!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY

I think it's cute & just did something similar since I haven't purchased the Ballard giant gold framed bulletin board yet. I also have some bare windows and am about to break down and just buy plain white romans at Lowes and trim them out w/ simple ribbon. I'll be anxiously awaiting a tutorial on romans! xo

aja reeser

i love it! i've done something similar on a big wall in my daughter's room but it never occurred to me to hang her art over the window. the light through the papers adds such a fun dimension!


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