Miss S and I are headed off to Dallas today to see Jacinda, Clare, Quinn and Vlad! We will be chatting, crafting, and heading over to Little Bean for a Prudent Advice Book Party. We hope you’ll join us. Here’s the details:

Where: Little Bean Shop, 5308 Junius St., b/t N. Henderson Ave. & N. Augusta St. (214-370-9111).
When: Friday, November 5th, 6-8 p.m.
Hosted by: Little Bean Shop | Dallas Child Magazine | Small Magazine
| Kartell | Bows & Arrows | Tart Bakery

So, ladies of Texas, what is it that we simply MUST do while in town with 3.5 kids in tow?




There are tons of stuff to do in Dallas and the Metroplex. I am from Fort worth (30 minutes away) and we will have a Funky Find Bazaar which is wonderful. http://funkyfinds.com/events/experience/. As far as Dallas, the Arborteum, the zoo, the Galleria, and even JFK 6th Floor museum are a must. Good luck and hope ya'll have fun!

stephanie joy

oh my goodness…what are the chances?!?!? i live in manitoba, canada and i am heading to dallas tomorrow to visit my parents for a week so i'll be around. i think i'm gonna have to find out where this little bean shop is. ๐Ÿ™‚ how cool is that? as for what to do in dallas/fort worth area… there is so much! when we visit we always hit the fort worth zoo, stonebriar mall (there's a big carousel in it), the aquarium (downtown dallas), plus there's always six flags (for older kiddies) in arlington.
anyhow, maybe i'll be seeing ya on friday! ๐Ÿ™‚


I love hitting the zoo. I have done that in Dallas and it was worth it. Then again, just about anything is better than the Houston Zoo.


The Dallas World Aquarium is THE MUST! It's located downtown and is way more then a fish tank! It's all the levels of the rain forest. Starting in the Canopy where birds will actually fly up to you working your way down to the bottom of the ocean. It's my favorite place to take the kids. If you want to go to the zoo… but judging by the weather I would say not so much….Then go to Fort Worth It's way better than Dallas zoo. If you are wanting to make a day of it then six flags in Arlington. Also Guidelive.com is a place to find all the event's in DFW area. Hope to see you here.


As a displaced Dallastonian, I say you must do the Dallas World Aquarium! It's a beautiful retreat in the nasty weather that's up there right now!

Amy Kirchhoff

Ft. Worth Zoo (especially the MOLA exhibit)
Dallas Arboretum (have a picnic)
Dallas Aquarium (remodeled and very good)
Free old-school trolley tour on the M line (http://www.mata.org/)
The Gentle Zoo (bit of a drive – http://www.gentlezoo.com/)
Dallas Heritage Village (http://www.dallasheritagevillage.org/)
Ice Skating @ The Galleria (also good shopping @ Northpark Center, my fave mall)
Butterfly Habitat (http://texasdiscoverygardens.org/)

I'm sure you heard that you must have Mexican food (Manny's or Luna de Noche first come to mind) & BBQ (Sonny's original bldg in Dallas is a fixture and good place for a tourist to start).

Rebecca@This Present Life

You should definitely check out the Fort Worth Zoo (weather permitting) and the Museum of Science and History. They just redid it and it's amazing! It's right across the street from where the Funky Finds sale will be too! Have fun in our great city!


Oh the memories of seeing that beautiful title brings to mind. I was a small girl watching it with my grandmother every Friday night for years! Do you know my well traveled husband has NEVER seen an episode? Born in Saudi Arabia will do that to you. He doesn't get all the inuendos that come form that show. Thank you for the lovely flashback. I have never lived in Dallas so . . . . watch out for cow pies and have a good time!!!!!! Wish I were there!

Adventure of the Hoffman family

I am so excited that you are coming… in previous comment I had hoped that you would come near. Super excited. I hope I can make it out, now just who of my friends will come with me. Can't really take my husband… he is still coming to terms with my sewing addiction. Which on a side note I did the hardest thing in a house move today. I packed up my stash and machine for safe keeping until the move! Partly so I would not get distracted I suppose but hey a visit to the Prudent party is not part of the addiction…right!


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