Deep Fried S’mores Recipe (Hello, Fat Tuesday)

Hello friends! It’s Fat Tuesday and you know how I love a good play on words, so I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to share with you the ridiculous/delicious deep fried s’more recipe we’ve been perfecting here at the Curtis household. Through weeks of arduous experimentation I and my beleaguered, bes’mored husband have struggled through on your behalf, I have discovered the ideal ingredients for a fluffy, melty, chocolatey, gooey, yet also lightly crunchy and air-filled deep-fried confection.

It’s actually quite simple: Regular marshmallows are a no-go, it’s marshmallow fluff/creme all the way if you want a gooey marshmallow center without burning your sweet battered crust. Any traditional graham cracker will do you fine. Chocolate chips? Good. Hershey bars? Better. Nutella? OH, HECK YES. But the absolute most favorite take on the deep friend s’more, by leaps and bounds above all others, after an almost unanimous vote amongst the eight children and 10 adults in attendance at the first annual Curtis Superbowl Sunday S’more Smackdown, is… drumroll please…

…the deep fried butterfinger stuffed s’more. OH YES I DID. Behold it.

Yes, I remember my new year’s resolutions. But I also remember how to have some fun, hello. Do not try to resist it, get the simple recipe for deep fried s’mores after the jump…

How to Make Deep Fried S’mores – Recipe & Tutorial

Spread two graham crackers squares with copious amounts of marshmallow creme/fluff.

Add your chocolate confection of choice.

Note: The butterfinger version works way better with the odd candy bar that is not your regular butterfinger, but is more like a butterfinger broken into pieces and shoved inside a candy bar. See the image above the fold to see what i mean. It melts better but retains that butterfinger goodness.

Or your nutella. Use more nutella because it will run/melt a bit faster than a candy bar.

Put the two pieces together with the sweet stuff in the center.

Make as many as you want. Wrap them up (all together is fine, they might stick together so if you don’t like to pull things apart, i guess you could wrap them individually).

NOW THIS IS KEY: Put the foil wrapped s’mores in the freezer. For at least an hour. If you don’t, your filling will run out of your s’mores and they just won’t be good. So make them before. You can leave them in there way longer than an hour, like up to a couple days, so feel free to make them beforehand.

When you are ready to fry up your s’mores (which should be about five minutes before you want to eat them), whip up a delicious sweet batter. In a bowl mix the following ingredients:

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup milk
2 eggs
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup sugar

Heat your oil (vegetable or canola) to between 360-370 degrees. Use just enough to fill your pan to about 2″ depth.

Take a s’more out of the freezer and dip it in batter. Coat it on all sides. This part is kinda messy.

Gently drop it into your hot oil. Let it cook for about a minute, then turn it over with tongs and cook the other side. About a minute per side will do it, but it really depends on your oil temperature so you may want to have an extra experimentation s’more for your first try.

Remove them to a paper towel lined plate – actually a paper towel lined cooling rack over a plate would be even better for draining but at this point it’s kinda pointless to be worrying about draining extra calories off this thing. The outsides should he golden brown and the insides melty and delicious. The one in the back is perhaps a little too dark but my husband liked it that way.

Powdered sugar is pretty much essential. It makes things look at taste more magical. Though my friend Matt is quite insistent that next time I need to make some flavored whipped creams. Bite into it… let it’s goodness ooze into your mouth. Watch your husband gaze upon you with fresh eyes as he falls in love with you all over again (husband results not guaranteed, but fairly likely).

Taste the magic.

If you’re like me you will then start grabbing random things from that bucket of your kid’s halloween candy you keep hidden in the cabinet above the microwave, battering them, and attempting to fry them. Enjoy!




Maybe I am just bad at reading this early in the morning, but what are the batter ingredients?


I’m with Lisa. I missed the batter ingredients. I even clicked the batter pic to see if it was linked there. No dice.


Yes! Please post the batter ingredients! My tastebuds are dying to try this! I’m a little obsessed with anything s’mores-related at the moment.

Macki West

I made these last night for a ladies dinner and they were a huge hit! I was surprised at how easy they are to make – it was, after all, my first attempt at deep frying anything. Also, I made extra and ended up eating a 1/4 of one after breakfast, then went back for the other 1/4. Uh oh.

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