DIY Beaded Bottle Lamp

This post was sponsored and inspired by the amazing WEMO® line of products.

Have you ever fallen in love with a lamp? I have. Many times. But fancy lamps can be so spendy! I wanted a new lamp for my living room end table, and I wanted it to have a bit of a boho vibe, with some rustic touches and a dash of turquoise. I also did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on it, so of course in true prudent fashion, I whipped one up myself. You can do it too! Watch the video above for the super simple DIY instructions.

DIY Beaded Bottle Lamp

I’m so in love with my new beaded lamp! This project cost less than $40 and took about an hour. Don’t worry, the video is not an hour long. I think I achieved my boho lighting goals, would you agree? The best part is the WEMO® LED lighting, which tops off my boho styling by emitting a warm glow that I can dim for any occasion – using my PHONE! So cool.

DIY Beaded Bottle Lamp
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Hope your holiday is merry and BRIGHT! Good luck!




Lunch. I wish I could automate my kids school lunches. I want them to be healthy a creative and yummy but I despite the time it requires to do it.


Beautiful lamp that I would love to make, but the lightbulbs!!!! OMG, I had no idea something like this existed. Awesome, going on my xmas list for sure (yes, I am asking for these Jeston-esque lightbulbs for Christmas, that’s how cool they are).

Steven Smith

Great post, as i didn’t get enough time to think change the looks of my interior. But this quarantine help to think about getting some really good ideas for my house and this blog helped my a lot.


I believe that your idea will be replicated and used as the basis for the invention of many other ideas because it is both creative and excellent.


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