DIY Cake Stand

Amesh from Indonesia shared an adorable project with us today and it reminded me of a tip from one of my cake decorating classes. Using canned goods to create DIY cake stands! Instructions after the break…

What you need:

– Corrugated cake boards
– Canned goods (unopened)
– Several sheets of scrapbooking-weight paper
– plus: x-acto knife, ruler, cutting mat, pencil, rubber bands, non-toxic glue (I prefer Aleene’s Tacky Glue.)

1. Trace closely around the edge of each cake board with the pencil and cut out your circles with your x-acto knife on the cutting mat

2. Apply glue fairly close to the edge of the wrong side of your paper circle and attach to your cake board. Repeat for each.

3. Measure the height of your canned goods and cut strips of paper to height.

4. Wrap paper around can, marking a 1″ overlap and trim length of paper.

5. Apply glue to the length of the 2 short ends and wrap paper around canned good, overlapping and gluing down the end. Wrap with rubber bands to dry. Repeat for each.

6. Cut 1″ strips of paper to create the “thickness” of the “plates.”

7. Place cake board bottom-side up and apply glue along very top of the entire length of your 1″ strip and begin wrapping strip around edge of cake board. If there is a “front” of your cake-board, be sure to place paper seam towards the back. Repeat until the entire circumference of all of your circles is covered. Glue the strips of paper together as you go.

8. Place your largest can at the bottom and center your largest cake board on top. You can stop there for a pretty cake stand. You should glue your stand to the can (I would probably use a glue gun but haven’t tested this yet)

9. You can add additional tiers by centering another can on top of your first cake board and gluing another cake board on top.

These are great because they are sooo inexpensive to make, totally customizable and you never have to worry about leaving a pretty plate behind at a party!




Amesh, your ribbon and notion collection is to-die-for. Once I have a little stash of my own, I am totally making some! I love them!


why have you never told me about this before?? like when puck destroyed my cake and cake stand and i had to serve cake on a lowly plate. seesh


i was just thinking you don't even need cakeboards, if you have a compass and you're good with an extacto knife you could use an old box! or make a square cake stand!


I finally had the need/opportunity to make this- such a great idea. I'm thrilled with the result.
One little tip: Rather than gluing the 1" strip to the sides, I backed the 1"strip with another smaller piece that I folded and scored (like an L shape) – then I glued the scored edge to the TOP of my cardboard, then covered with my pretty paper. Turned out great 🙂


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