DIY Cameo Plate Part 2

I whipped up another one of these silhouettes on a vintage plate yesterday. They are so easy & quick and make for a great little gift. You can hang them on the wall or use them for your keys or other trinkets. All it takes is a plate, some paper, and some mod podge. I used a patterned paper for this one, but maybe I like the traditional black I used in the original tutorial better? Get the tutorial here: Vintage Cameo Plate Hanging.

And remember, any comment you leave this week could win you a little mod podge of your own so you can give it a try…




I LOVE it! this would be a great gift.. Now I can give my in laws something other than a picture made by my son haha!

Taylor {Sew Much Love}

This is adorable! I'm suddenly feeling that i'm dangerously low on mod podge after seeing this project. I better go stock up again because once I start with that stuff I can't stop!


I really love the idea, but I'm not sure what I think of the print on the paper profile. My eye keeps getting distracted by what looks like a lobster climbing into the poor boy's mouth.


Oh that's perfect! I've been debating doing a picture like this for the grandma's, but was despairing of finding inexpensive, unique picture frames. What a great idea!


HELLO, Nana Christmas gift! My mother loves collecting vintage plates , and if I just happen to add the "Littles" (as they are affectionately called to sum up three girls) cameo in the center, GOLDEN!!!


I like the fabric cameo, but needs different background to do it justice.White-aqua just doesn't cut it.May-be Plate that looks more like all over pattern like another fabric.Then would look like cameo block, even look for oval small
plater and put lace around like necklace edge in gold.


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