DIY Cupcake Toppers

Nothing says “I’m a failure as a mother and a human being” like some supermarket desserts. HA! Just kidding. Homemade-organic or on sale at Target, give your treats the handmade touch with these super cute dessert toppers that you can whip up in about 5 minutes, with stuff you probably have at home.

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Here are the supplies that I used, but any round stickers, punches, stamps, fancy paper scraps will do.
All you really need is toothpicks and some double-stick tape (or glue.)

And here are a few photos of the process. As you can see, you just stick a toothpick between two circles (or any shape.) If they are not adhesive, use some double stick tape or even glue. Then get creative… add more stickers and punched shapes. Fun!



Amy H.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! What a genius idea to use a deck of cards?! With the new Alice in Wonderland movie coming out, I can see a whole party theme laid out with those toppers!

You guys rock, as always!


you left out "wife"..failure as a wife, mother and human being. thank you for this post i laughed out loud this morning when i read it. and these cupcake toppers are so cute. i want more craft punches now!


I love my old school label maker. They still sell them everywhere and they are only like $10! Now I just need to find the Faux Bois tape for it. Does anyone remember that?

Yes, Jaime, I thought it was just assumed that I was a failure as a wife, so I didn't bother adding it. But thanks for the brilliant quote, as always. You light up my life.


Fantastic! I have a question for you– I actually made some cupcake flags a few weeks ago for my son's upcoming first birthday. I did what you did- used toothpicks, and then I glued little flags I cut out from the blue designed security envelopes that come in junk mail đŸ™‚ My question is- how far do you stick the toothpick down in? I'm worried that it's not even going to get through all the icing to the cake. Will it stand up if I just poke it down into the icing, or must it go into the cake? Thanks!


Well, if it's shortening buttercream frosting, as this was (grocery store variety,) it will be fine stuck in the icing. If it's delicious butter-based buttercream, or whipped cream, you will probably need to be into the cake. Keep in mind that these were mini. Your toppers sound adorable. Send us some party pictures!


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