DIY Denim Knickers

The other day I casually mentioned to my outrageously generous mother that all of Clare’s pants were now highwaters. “Oh, how I wish Clare had some new pants that fit” I said. To which my clever mother replied, “You should make knickers out of them, she can wear them with adorable patterned tights as an alternative to a skirt. ” You’re thinking my mom is brilliant, I know. Well the only problem is that I’m afraid of sewing a button hole. In fact, I just learned that you need a special foot for your sewing machine to make a button hole. So… if you know how to make a button hole, then stop here and go make your toddler an adorable pair of knickers out of too-short jeans…

If you are sewing-machinally-challenged, like me, stick around after the jump for a little adventure in knicker making…

Still here? hi.

What you need:
A pair of highwaters
Sewing Machine
Head pins
Elastic – approximately 12″
Thread – if you are sewing machinally-challenged use thread the same color as your fabric, not the color of your contrast stitching. More forgiving.

my victim

What to do:
1. Try the pants on your child and mark 2″ below the base of their knee.

2. Take the pants off and cut the excess fabric from both legs.

3. Turn pants inside-out and fold leg hole over 1/4″ all around and pin with head pins. Repeat other leg

4. Iron hem

5. Sew along the seam with a zig-zag stitch. Repeat other leg

6. Measure fully-stretched elastic to go around circumference of leg plus 1/2″ more and cut 2 lengths

7. Start at the inside seam of the leg, with needle 1″ up leg from hem & with elastic fully stretched, sew elastic to denim using a zig-zag stitch. Pull the elastic from the front and back to avoid putting pressure on your needle. When you get the end sew the elastic to overlap slightly. Repeat other leg.

And your done! Cute little denim knickers/bloomers! See what I meant about the contrast stitching? (I’m ashamed) But with how quickly she is moving these days noone will ever notice!




These are sweet. I wish your site was more toddler boy friendly. I love your site but i have a little man running around, do you have anything for the little guys in our lives?


This pattern is very cute and easy pattern, but fear not the button hole! My first sewing machine manual taught me how to make one on my sewing machine without a special presser foot, and it's really not that hard at all, though I'd certainly recommend practicing on a scrap of fabric a few times before you apply one to your project. Here is a website with good picture instructions. The type of buttonhole I learned is the 4 step buttonhole, and it works just fine. . BTW, I feel like I've struck gold with your website. I Love all the patterns!!!!!!!


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