DIY: Easiest. Pillow. Ever. Part 2

Jacinda’s placemat pillow was a complete revelation right?!  After I read it I realized I had something in the same vein (meaning a two-sided fabric item I never use).  What was this item you ask?

…wait for it…

…a RUG!

I love this crewel design I got on clearance at Anthropologie forever ago, but it made a rather terrible rug, being all crooked and delicate.  When I saw Jacinda’s DIY I realized what its true destiny was meant to be:  a pillow for my hammock!  The DIY is the same as the placemat pillow (get it here) but I took pics after the jump…

Take one old rug and wash it:

Check it has two sides:
Cut one of ’em open:
Insert two regular old bed pillows and sew it shut:



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