DIY Expression Collage

I flew to Rhode Island with both babies last month. I was scared. I asked for lots of advice. People were so helpful.

On flight #2 Clare(2) got a bit fidgety (who can blame her?) so I pulled out my secret weapon, the trusty iphone. Clare loves to make funny faces and loves to look at pictures of herself so we spent a good half-hour taking and reviewing funny-face pictures. When we got home I downloaded the photos and they made me smile so why not give them a more permanent home?

DIY after the jump (so easy.)

What you need:
– A selection of close-up photos of various toddler expressions. Converting them to Black & White improves the look of low-quality camera phone pictures.

– Scrapbooking Tape or a Xyron

– A frame large enough for your photos

– A background – Matboard or cardstock cut to fit frame

What to do:

1. Arrange your photos on your background and tape/stick them down. It’s alot easier if you don’t try to line them up, just let them overlap a little here and there.

2. Pop your board in the frame and hang.

Told you it was easy. : )



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