DIY Fabric Clothespin Gift Tags

The mod podge fabric clothespin is such a cute and quick project to bust through scraps with, and so useful. I was thinking about gift wrapping this year and it occurred to me it could be cute to clip the gift tag on each present with a cute fabric clothespin.

 Then it occurred to me to glue a magnet to the back of it, so the giftee could use it on their fridge later on.

This is a great little project to use up some fabric (or paper) scraps as well.

Get the Mod Podge Clothespin Gift Tag Tutorial after the jump…

Is this worth the effort?  What are you doing for gift tags this year?  Let us know in the comments and you might win those five amazing embroidery patterns!

Mod Podge Clothespin Gift Tags / Magnets

First you’ll need some wooden clothespins, fabric scraps, and mod podge.

Trace your clothespin onto the back of your fabric, then cut the fabric out just inside the lines.

Apply a light coat of mod podge to the top of the clothespin:

Lay the fabric down and smooth out any bubbles:

Let it dry for 10-20, then apply another coat of mod podge on top:

Repeat on all your clothespins:

You’ll see the fabric has some fraying.  When it’s all dry, sand down the edges to remove the fraying.

Then I cut some strips from sticky backed business card magnets and attached them to the back of the clothespins:

All done!

Clip tag to gift.

I made these gift tags with my handy tag shaped punch. Love that thing, use it to death.

So, what do you think?



Taylor {Sew Much Love}

You guys are geniuses! I'm getting my scraps out today to do this!

I especially love that you guys suggested the magnet for the fridge after because if I'm going to put all that work into gluing onto a tiny strip of wood, it better do some work for me afterward!


What a cute idea! We only do gifts for the kids in my family, so this year instead of wrapping, I'm making little drawstring backpacks to put their gifts in. Hand embroidering names on the bags is taking longer than the actual sewing, but I'll get there. Probably December 23rd with a lot of cussing, but whatever. It will happen.


I always use recycled Christmas cards as gift tags because I feel so guilty throwing them away. I save the cute ones and cut out the shapes or designs and either tape them or use a hole punch and attach a ribbon or string. They work great for gift bags that have been re-used and need a new tag.


very cute!
We have some homemade tags we're using up this year- but I do think that a few of these will be made- if for nothing more than our own refrigerator!


I have some of these that I made quite a while back, and I still love them! They are practical and still cute! love love love!!!


Love these! I'm wrapping up gifts to mail out right now and this is an easy way to attach name tags. Of course my husband walked by and asked "What are you doing with my C47s?" I found out that when not called clothespins they are referred to a C47s which has something to do with their size!


This year I am making little bags for each present, a couple of zippered make up bags for the girls, drawstring backpacks for the boys and some velcro snack bags for the little ones. I like the idea of making something reusable for the gift wrap, you get an extra present out of it and you reduce what goes into the landfill!

The Murphbanks

Thank you. I had a terrible day and the whole sorry mess has just been redeemed by spending an hour, by myself, gluing fabric to pegs. Sometimes the simplest thing is the best thing.


Fun idea- these are very cute!! This year I'll use some gifttags me and my daughter made from stamping with potatoes on thick paper.. Have a great holiday/ Eva Sweden


safetoland, you should check your local dollar store, as well 🙂 i was also able to pick up some clothespins there, though they are not as pretty and perfect as the ones at the craft store.. but i got 100 for $1, so i can't really complain..

Julie Anita

I just made these (cheated a bit, though– I used spray glue and didn't reinforce them with Mod Podge later, and I skipped the magnets). They turned out very cute and used up a bunch of fabric scraps I had lying around! I just ordered some kraft paper, twine and blank white gift tags on Amazon so I can keep them around for gift-giving 🙂


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