DIY Fabric Flower Hair Clip

Everything IS bigger in Texas, especially the HAIR BOWS but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful and stylish. If you have the itch to clip an enormous “fancy” to your baby’s dome, may I suggest this pretty fabric flower hair clip? It’s proof that you can’t even throw away the tiniest scrap of fabric because you never know when you will need to cover a button. FYI, covering buttons is just about the most fun I’ve had since I went to a New Years Eve party at the Playboy Mansion. No, actually covering buttons might be more fun. So much fun.

Find out how to make a fabric flower hair clip after the jump.

1. Use a glass to trace 6 circles on your fabric. Approx 2″ diameter. Use a disappearing marker, or trace on reverse side of fabric. Cut out  circles.

2. Fold the circles in half and then in half again.

3. With the points meeting at center, tuck each folded side slightly into the open side of the next folded circle. Repeat all the way around, pinning as you go.

4. Your circle will look like this from the top and bottom.

5. Stitch a piece of felt to the bottom of your circle, attempting to secure the petals to the felt and to each other as much as possible.

6. Using a complimentary fabric, make a fabric covered button for the center of your clip by following the directions on the back of the package. This product is one of my new favorite things! Fabric covered buttons, I’m addicted. You might want to double up your fabric, or you will possibly see the “shine” of the metal backing through your button fabric.

7. Sew your button to the center of your flower.

8. Cover your metal clip in 3/8″ ribbon if there is open space in your clip. If there are not, this step is optional. Get the details for covering your clip with ribbon here.

9. Hot glue your clip to your flower. You could also add a pin for an older child or a lucky adult. These would look really cute as a broach or clipped to a cuff bracelet or headband. Several together in different sizes would be so beautiful!

10. While you have your glue gun out, lift each petal up and add a dot of glue where the circles overlap for additional security.

11. If you have a petal that sticks out, feel free to give it a slight trim although the casual raw edges are what makes this clip charming!

12. And you’re done, except you are going to want to make more because the fabric buttons are totally addicting.




Jacinda, You read my mind. I have four little vintage orange print fabric-covered buttons. I've been wondering if they would be something you would like, since I know you like orange. I think I'll use them to make barrettes for my three baby girls. Maybe I'll use netting or vintage lace or ribbon, too.


How cute! I love covering buttons, too – my love started when I bought a beautiful wool coat for my daughter and it was missing some buttons. And boy, do I EVER have some fabric scraps…


we share a brain! i bought tons of fabric covered buttons during my wal mart excursion yesterday! this clip is so cute i want right now to elevate my ponytail look


I love them in orange:) I just made a bunch for a lamp shade and I need to make a few more for my baby girls hair. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.


actually, i'm fairly interested in hearing this playboy mansion story, and also hearing why i have never heard it before


Jaime, you've never seen me posing in a picture with Verne Troyer wearing a wig, a black sequin bra and a heart of glue-on rhinestones around my bellybutton? This must be corrected.


You all would love the machine we have at our shop in Utah. It's for some serious button covering. It spawned one of our favourite designer quotes ever – "you can MAKE buttons???" We don't use them in such cute ways though.


Now I want to see Marielle's industrial button maker!

At our former job, Jaime and I would often abuse the department's button (pin) maker by making each other pins printed with stupid quotes from their boyfriend. And then we married them.

My love of button making has deep roots.


Just made my first little flower, out of felt and a little red button! I have three more to go and the hand me down jacket for my baby girl will have a special new look! (and a matching headband!)


These are just adorable! I'm on the search for flowers for a dress and found this one. Thanks for sharing! I added this post to my link love today.


Loved the idea….I followed the step and got this very cute flower. my flower is looking awesome. thanks for sharing.Just loved it.


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