DIY Fancy Feather Quill Pen

Here’s a quick & cheap gift for the writers in your life. Make your own feather quill pen and package it with a bottle of fun ink.

This is ridiculously simple and totally fun. Get the DIY Fancy Feather Quill Pen Tutorial after the jump…

And remember that all comments may result in snowfall at your house, in the form of beautiful vinyl snowflakes made by Jacinda!

How to Make A Feather Quill Pen

1.  Acquire your materials.  A feather, a pen nib (from any art supply store), a scrap of ribbon, and some ink.  This ink has a super cute label and totally elevates your gift into awesome territory.

2. Use a dab of hot glue to attach your pen nib to the tip of your feather:

3.  Cut a tiny piece of ribbon and hot glue it around the place where the nib meets the feather:

4.  Umm, you’re done.

So easy right? Now you just need to practice your calligraphy skills.




I love it! If only I had an ostrich that wandered the neighborhood, dropping choice feathers…. However, I do have a ton of nibs, pretty ribbons, some interesting sticks, glue and inks.


I was wondering where one would get a bunch of nibs at a low price? I’m just starting out and I don’t want to spend too much cash.


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