DIY Garland Bunting: 25 Free DIY Projects to Make the Sweetest, Prettiest, and Simplest Garlands

Garland bunting has taken the world of baby nursery decorating by storm for the past three years or so, but the garland trend hasn’t gotten tired yet. I hope it never does, because in the mind of this die-hard DIYer, homemade garlands and baby bunting are the ideal way for anyone (no crafty skills necessary) to customize a baby or child’s room. Why? Because making your own garland is simple, inexpensive, and doesn’t require an MFA to add a touch of your own style and heart to the place your kid rests his or her sweet head.

What is bunting, you ask? In the US we call them “garlands”, and I’m told the UK and australia prefer the term “bunting” – either way, garland/bunting is simply a series of items hanging from some sort of string. The modern baby bunting trend took off with the traditional flag-shaped pennant garland, but there are so many lovely ways to customize your own garlands (paper flowers, crochet pennants, yarn pom poms, even cupcake liners and coffee filters). I guarantee you will be surprised and delighted by the simplicity and beauty of the 25 Free DIY Bunting & Garland tutorials we’ve rounded up. Now, go check them out and tell me if you can resist immediately grabbing a pair of scissors and getting to work: DIY Garland Bunting: 25 Free DIY Projects to Make the Sweetest, Prettiest, and Simplest Garlands.




great bunting round up! I wish I had this last month when I was doing tons of google searches looking for the perfect idea for my girls 1st birthday! oh well, I've got this pinned for next year's party!

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