DIY Halloween Ghost Catchers

Decorate for Halloween and keep those pesky ghosts away with these easy DIY Halloween Ghost Catchers. They take less than an hour to make and can be embellished however you would like. We hung plastic spiders on ours, but I think next time I’ll also make sure to add in felt bats and even a little crow perched on top.

I was inspired to make these from my growing collection of dreamcatchers. I wanted Halloween decorations that could be used for years to come, and would easily fit in with the current decor. The building I live in is supposedly haunted, so it doesn’t hurt to have a few of these hanging around too.

Check out the DIY Halloween Ghost Catcher tutorial after the jump…

DIY Halloween Ghost Catcher

You will need a metal craft ring, yarn, feathers, plastic spiders, spiderweb lace, and beads. I found spiderweb lace at the craft store, but you could also find it at a fabric store, or possibly on a witches costume.

Cut the lace out slightly larger than the ring.

Use a needle and thread to sew the lace to the craft ring.

I ended up sewing around the ring a few times to make sure the lace was secure. Cut the excess lace on the back.

Thread yarn through the lace to start decorating your ghost catcher.

Add beads and feathers on the end. Decorate as spooky as you see fit.

Happy (almost) Halloween!




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