DIY Hooded Baby Towel Part 2

I gave Jacinda’s hooded towel how-to a try this weekend.  This one is a gift for a BOY and my first boy project!  It was easy-peasy and I took some different photos of the DIY that might be helpful if you try your own.  And if you do, don’t forget to send it to us or post it in our new Flickr group.

Check it out and find out where I got the awesome chevron fabric after the jump…

1.  I pre-washed, ironed and cut my accent strip of fabric as per Jacinda’s instructions.  Then I cut my hand towel (bought on sale at Target):

2.  I pinned my strip of accent fabric evenly one inch from the bottom of the towel:

and sewed it in place with a straight stitch:

3. Then I folded the towel in half lengthwise with the strip inside, sewed the right side, then the left side, and then flipped it inside out to get this:

4. Then I inverted the left corner into the right corner to get my cute little hood:

5. I folded my big towel in half lengthwise and put a pin to mark the center, then I opened the hood up and lined up the center seam with my pin.  Then I pinned the back edge of the hood to the towel like so:

Then I sewed that in place with a straight stitch.

6. Then I rolled the top piece of the hood back over the seam I just made and sewed it in place so all the edges were trapped inside and all you could see is soft cuddly goodness.  This is what it looked like from the front:

and from the back:

All done!  I can’t wait to give it to Miles for his birthday this weekend!  Sorry if I ruined the surprise Christine…

With the gray towel and the chevron accent fabric, there is something sort of Shark-like about this, no?

Prudent Price:

-One scrap Paula Prass Summer Soiree in Yellow $0 (a whole yard is $8.95 here)

-One gray bath towel $4.99 (on sale in Target store)

-One gray hand towel $2.99 (on sale in Target store)

Total: $7.98




I got this as a baby shower gift from two different people. They are some of my favorite gifts. Joleen loves to be snuggled in them. They are the perfect handmade gift!


Jacinda and Jaime, Since you are getting to be such pros at making these baby towels would one of you consider making one for a friend of mine? Of course, I would pay you for it!! It would be for her baby grandson who is about 3 months old.


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