DIY Mod Podge Children’s Bathroom Stool Part 2

Thanks Ohdeedoh for featuring Jaime’s step stool DIY Part 2! We have now added the little deer as a free downloadable template!
I gave Jaime’s bathroom stool project a go last night and I’m loving the results of our made-over stool! The new stool has had more of a positive effect on Clare’s potty training than the sticker chart, plus it makes your bathroom pretty! You should make one, seriously. My faux bois base paper is from Martha Stewart/Michaels and the deer is a cut-out from white paper layered on top.




i love this so much. i want one with a cut out of a vole. how many stools does one house need? i think we have five now.


I made a similar stool using your template. Problem is that mine is a bathroom stool and keeps getting water on it and looks like it is ruining the ModPodge layer. Any suggestions?


holly – i have been using mine in the bathroom for a year and a half with no problems. what did you use to seal it? i used polyurethane


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