DIY Monogrammed Hair Clips are back!

monogrammed hair clip

Last year some of our most popular posts took an unexpected sabbatical. We finally tracked them down at various artist retreats in Upstate New York and hippie communes in New Mexico. They have “found themselves” and are back feeling refreshed and inspired to do great work here at Pretty Prudent.

First up we have an adorable DIY Monogrammed Hair Clip modeled by a teeny tiny baby Quinn. Check it.

monogrammed hair clip

Been missing any other posts that have been away “in treatment for exhaustion?” Mention them here and we will put them to the top of the to-do list.




Nice tuto! I am going to try to make one hair clip for my children. The letters “C” and “P” are totally cute. Please continue to post tutos on your blog about hair accessories.


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