DIY Neon & Nude Shoes

We started our Neon & Nude series last week with the fun Neon & Nude Nail Art Tutorial. Have you tried it yet? This week we are sharing a quick and easy neonified makeover you can do to pretty much any pair of shoes. The tricky thing about painting the rubber on your shoes is keeping the paint on after a while. With a helpful little sealer (you might already have at home) it shouldn’t be problem. I’ve been wearing mine and they still look as good as new.

Gather these supplies and let’s get started on the DIY Neon & Nude Shoes tutorial after the jump…

DIY Neon & Nude Shoes

Grab a pair of shoes you want to makeover. I bought these at Kmart for $5.

Get neon acrylic paint and a paintbrush.

Tape around the edges of the shoe so that the paint doesn’t get on the canvas. Take your time because this part helps so much when you’re painting.

Start painting your first coat. You may need a thinner brush to paint the spots closest to the canvas.

After a few coats they should look like this! Let it dry.

Grab your Mod Podge and a foam brush. Brush it onto all the spots with neon and carefully avoid painting the canvas.

Let that dry and now they’re ready to wear!




I always cringe to see “nude” used as synonmous with beige- it’s not nude unless you are Caucasian! (I do like the neon sole though)


Hi! I was wandering how the color is holding up after wearing the shoes outside?
Does the paint wear off or is it lasting? Planning to do this myself, you see 🙂


It’s been lasting great for me! Send us a pic when you finish. We’d love to see!


It seals in the paint to keep it from chipping off over time. A high-quality sealer might work too!


I tried mod podge and it was coming off within a couple of hours….any other options/suggestions?


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