DIY: Paint Ornaments

Photo: Buggie and Jellybean

Amy from Buggie and Jellybean sent us this great DIY for Paint Ornaments. I couldn’t help but try these out at home with Clare. They were so much fun (and VERY quick and easy, just the way we like it!) We added some glitter paint as one commenter suggested. We didn’t let the glitter dry before adding the paint so it “washed” away the glitter and left clear spaces but I kinda like the effect. Visit Amy’s blog for the full tutorial.

there are a few shots of our project night after the jump…

PS. Amy, your photos are amazing!! What’s your photography secret?




i love these. i think scarlet has to be one year older so my house isn't coated in paint, but i love that i could make my tree just the right shade of "christmas pink"!

Amy H.

Oh Jacinda they turned out adorable! I am glad that you enjoyed making them.

Oh in regards to my picture taking, it is more luck then anything with how they turn out! Hahaha No but seriously I have always LOVED photography so I try to think what the end result will be.


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