DIY Pocket Bib

Here is a super simple baby bib how-to.  You don’t even need a pattern, just trace an old bib.  I like bibs with pockets to catch stray dribbles so I added one here.  You can even make this bib reversible if you want.  Get the how-to after the jump…

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1.  Wash, iron and cut your fabric.  I used Alexander Henry Canyon Flutter in Pink (still available here) and some purple cotton from International Silks and Woolens. You can make your whole bib one fabric but I like to use two complimentary fabrics.  Fold a piece of fabric in half and do the same with an old bib, then trace the bib onto your fabric with a fabric marker.  Do it about 1/4″ or 1/2″ bigger all the way around to allow for your seam:

Now take the piece you just cut and trace it onto your other fabric and cut:
Now you want to cut your pockets, so trace along the bottom of your bib for the curve then cut straight across.  Do this on both fabrics, so you have two pocket pieces and two bib pieces, like so:
2.  Now we want to finish the top edge of our pocket, so place your two pockets pieces together wrong sides facing, and fold, iron, and pin a piece of bias tape to the top edge:
Sew in place:
3.  Now to sew our bib together.  Lay your front bib piece right side up, then lay your pocket on top the way you want it to appear on the finished bib.  I put all my butterflies on one side because I did not make this bib reversible, but it would have been cute to have the pocket purple on this side.  You decide:
Now lay the back piece of your bib on top, right side down, so your pocket is sandwiched in the middle, and pin in place:
Sew it together, leaving a hole for turning (backstitch at beginning and end):
See there’s the hole for turning:
4.  Turn your bib right side out and iron it nice and flat, then top stitch all the way around, which will close your turning hole.  If you want to make your bib reversible, only top stitch around the top, not around the pocket.  That way you can turn the pocket to the other side.
5.  Sew velcro to the top.  I like to put the soft part of the velcro facing the baby so there’s no chance of scratchiness on their soft baby neck:
Tune in tomorrow and I’ll show you how to make the matching burp cloth so you have a nice gift set.




OK, you two are driving me nuts….where do you get all the extra time and energy??? Want to come to RI and help me pack up, move and then decorate!??


carrie – it's alexander henry canyon flutter in pink – there's a link to it in step 1 up there. it's even prettier in person!

Sarah F

thank you, so helpful! i'm a sewing novice and i like your simple instructions. i'll be making these and the burp cloths for gifts and my own new one on the way!


added a link for these tutorials to my blog. made both the bib and burp cloth. mine turned out great!! thanks for posting these tutorials. very easy to follow. great pix. =]


I think these are great.. instead of doing reversible bibs, I've been doing the minky fabric on the back side.. I really like how soft it makes them and the mommies love them too!

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I’ve already pinned this for my imaginary future baby. But I saw it on pinterest again. Joann’s Fabrics pinned it on their Oh Baby! board.

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Angela Jackson

I am going to try my hand at doing these also. Although I would prefer that a snap is much better than the velcro but nevertheless it was a great step by step tutorial.

Angela Jackson

The bibs would have been great if it used snap buttons as closure instead. Velcros get pulled easily as the baby get stronger.


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