DIY Ribbon Pacifier Clip

Stevee in Nashville (who is full of great tips!) sent us this adorable Pacifier Holder DIY; these will come in handy if your baby is constantly losing his or her binky!

Get Stevee’s DIY after the jump…

Pacifier Holder

Materials Needed:
Your favorite ribbon (no silky ribbon… it doesnt sew well) 
Color Coordinating thread
Pacifiers with loops

1. Cut 12-14 inch strip of ribbon

2. Cute 2 small squares of velcro  (1 side rough and 1 side fluffy so they stick together) slightly smaller than the width of your ribbon and about an inch long. I like to clip the tiny edges of the squares all the way around to give it a more tailored look.
3. Take one end of the ribbon and loop it through the end of the suspender clip and sew it down so that the clip will now be attached, either with your machine or by hand.
4. On the other end of the ribbon sew the rough-sided velcro square to the tip around all four sides.
5. Take the end with the velcro and loop it through the pacifier ring. Mark the spot where the velcro meets the ribbon and sew the other velcro square in that spot. This will secure the end to the pacifier to the ribbon but allow you to interchange your pacifier and wash it.

Never lose another pacifier!
Thanks Stevee!




Look at you little Jo! These are so fun and easy to make. I love giving them to my girlfriends as a little personal gift!


Oh man, I wish Q used binks with a loop rather than a button. We need to figure out how to tether them so I can make some cute clips too.


my little one uses "Soothie" paci's and i do the above except on one end I sew on a small loop of 1/4" ribbon. I then thread this loop through the hole on the soothie paci and pull the suspender clip through and it loops onto itself. Voila…. paci clip for paci with a button…


I just made a few of these for my new nephew. Man is it tough to find cute boy ribbon! But it worked perfectly, and they look great! Thanks so much!


These are adorable! My daughter uses NUK pacis, so I won't have an issue. However, my nephew uses MAM pacis, and they just have the button, not the handle thing. Anyone got any ideas on what I could use to attach to the end to go around his paci?


These are very cute and fun to make! I used snaps instead of velcro, and I also layered 2 different types of ribbon. Love it!


You can get a silicone MAM adaptor which goes over the button and has a slit to thread the ribbon through. I got mine from Kinder Klips.


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