DIY Sharpie Ornaments

One of the projects we did for the Winter Woodland Tree for the Michael’s 2013 Dream Tree Challenge was Sharpie ornaments. They are one of those incredibly rewarding projects that take no time at all and leave room for error. Jaime and I made quite a few of them, and the only problem we faced was running out of white ornaments to decorate. Just in case you missed it, you should check out Jaime’s $3, 3-Minute Garland she made for the tree too.

Learn how to make DIY Sharpie Ornaments after the jump…

Sharpie ornaments are really very easy to make and can be designed however you’d like. Start with a ceramic ball ornament. Jaime found these at Michaels for about $2.

Next step, pick out a design you like or come up with one of your own.

Draw the design on the ornament with a Sharpie. Let it dry for about 2-minutes before touching to avoid smudging.

That’s it! Hang on the tree and enjoy.



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