DIY Vintage Flatware Display

DIY Vintage Flatware Display I wrote recently about some of the jewelry Scarlet and I inherited from my mother, but a couple of years ago, before she moved north to retire, my mother gave me some beautiful treasures in the form of china and housewares. I shared some of this when I was packing up her house in this post: Vintage Scores from Grandma’s House. I loved these things then, but I treasure them even more now that she is gone.

As my sister and I went through a lifetime of belongings, our mother’s and ours, it struck me that in some ways, we were moving certain very lovely, meaningful family heirlooms from one dusty box to another. The piece de resistance was this full set of gold flatware I’ve adored since I was a child. When my mom gifted it to me, I was honored, and decided I just couldn’t let it sit in a drawer for another 20 years. I decided to frame it and hang it on the wall, where I can see it everyday and be reminded of my mother. Perhaps you have an heirloom you’d like to display – an assortment of pipes, spoons, or vintage hairbrushes. Here’s a way to give your collection the attention it deserves, on your wall and in your heart.

Find out how to make a vintage flatware display of your own after the jump…

DIY Vintage Flatware Display

1 Artist’s canvas, 16” X 20”
1 piece of wood, 1” X 4” x XX”
1 Piece of fabric, 20” X 24”
Staple gun and staples
1 strip of heavy duty leather, 16” long
E6000 Glue
Leather tack kit


1. Place the canvas on your work surface wrong side up. Use the adhesive to secure the piece of wood to the back of the canvas. Let it dry. DIY Vintage Flatware Display Step 1
2. Place the fabric on your work surface wrong side up. Center the canvas right side down on top of fabric. Wrap the fabric on all four sides around to the backside of the canvas and staple to secure. DIY Vintage Flatware Display Step 2
3. Turn the fabric-covered canvas right side up. Use the ruler and chalk to measure and mark the center. Arrange your flatware, as shown or as desired, using the center mark for your center piece of flatware. Use the chalk to mark the position of the tacks, placing 1 between each piece of flatware and 1 on both outside edges. DIY Vintage Flatware Display Step 3
4. Lay the strip of leather across the flatware, as shown. Drive one tack through the leather, fabric, and canvas and into the wood on the backside at each chalk mark using a hammer. (Make sure to check that your flatware fits before moving on to the next tack. Adjust the positioning if necessary.) DIY Vintage Flatware Display Step 4
5. Continue adding tacks until you have secured all of your flatware. Trim your leather strip using scissors, if desired. DIY Vintage Flatware Display Step 5
6. Frame your vintage flatware display.

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