DIY Vintage-y Hand Towels

When Jamie from Lovely Nest Designs emailed us these adorable embellished hand towels, we just had to share. This is such an easy way to spruce up the bathroom and so anthropologie-esque, for under 2 bucks!

Learn how to Make your own Vintage-y Hand Towels after the jump…

Don’t forget to visit Jamie at Lovely Nest Designs for more inspiration, and leave her a comment here for your chance to win that gorg embroidery pattern!

DIY Vintage-y Hand Towels

I have a small love affair with Anthropologie. They’ve had towels like these for some time now, and I have been secretly desiring them, but as with most things sold there, I don’t want to pay the price:

SO, one day after Christmas, I was browsing the GWO and came across these lovelies… My heart skipped a beat and I felt the Lord smiling down on me as I rescued them from under the mounds of linens that will meet their certain demise if not claimed here…. Ahhh…. It was like the light shone down and the angels were singing…

Look at these bright colors! I was in love. But they needed a tiny bit of updating and sprucing up. No prob. Here’s how I did it.

Gather Your Materials:
Vintage towels (or any towel for that matter!)
Trim, lace or other bits of fun to add to the edges

First I trimmed off the fringe on the edges of the towels… it was looking a little ragged. Then chose some trim (I love these little pom poms) and a thin strip of lace and pinned in place on the edge of the towel. Then sew the trim to the towel right on the edge. I used a wide zig zag stitch so that I wouldn’t have to sew a seam on the top and bottom of the trim.

2. Trim up all your towels and stand back and admire the cuteness of your work. Look how cheery they all are together! I am in love.
And then, hang them up! Since I think I paid all of 2 dollars for everything, I don’t care if my guests (or children) really use them! You know, we all have those towels that are so nice or too cute to actually use… and tell me how crazy this is… I saw some hand towels the other day that said hand wash only… YEA RIGHT. So, I am proud of these adorable towels that people can actually use and I can toss in the wash.

And because Jamie is so lovely, she’s sharing a code for her shop: BLOGLOVE1 for 10% off any order in the lovely nest designs etsy shop!




We totally have THE ENTIRE SET including bath mat of the yellow with white towel in your pics–courtesy of my MIL. We use them as dog towels, because the colors are not anything we would usually use in our house. I never thought about embellishing them! Or that anyone else would want them!
Just last week I used one as a paint drop cloth, so now the complete set is ruined. ๐Ÿ™


I love these! My grandma had them in purple in her little purple bathroom when I was a kid. Keep bringing the anthro-inspired stuff! I will always be interested and probably give 'er a try!


loving these! just cruised ebay for some vintage bath towels and came up empty-handed. but will definitely keep my eyes peeled when i'm garage-saling next.


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