Dress Round Up

Here are some of our favorite dress tutorials for the girlie girls out there.

Top: 10 Minute Onesie Dress – Easiest Dress Ever | DIY “Pillowcase” Baby Dress Pattern | Quick Crochet & Fabric Top

Middle: Peasant Blouse | Swingy Summer Tank Top | Hipster Swing Dress

Bottom: Snap Wrap Dress | Snappy Toddler Dress | One Shoulder Dressy Dress

While some of these are tops, instructions are included to turn them into dresses. And of course, you’ll need a DIY Diaper Cover to match!

Have you made one of these dresses? I know a ton of you have, I’ve seen the adorable pictures! What did you think of it? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments and you could win that cute fat quarter up there on the left!



Mama Bear

These are all so cute – I don't have a little girl to make these for so I'm just gonna need to figure out how to make them in my size!

Either that, or make them for my sons and start saving for the therapy.

Not Jenny

I have made lots of the onesie dresses for my girl-they are a summer favourite. They helped me get some extra mileage out of some too-short t-shirts and a couple of treasured but outgrown sundresses. I also turned one of my husband's old button down shirts into a cute sundress that I am very proud of.


I am just waiting for some fab Anna Maria Horner and Echino fabrics to arrive in the post so I can make my first ever dress for my daughter for her first birthday! Think I'll go for the pillowcases dress. Wish me luck!


I made the pillowcase dress for my cousin's baby girl. Wish I had a girl because I'd be making her a whole bunch. Every woman I know who's having a girl is getting one of these from me – so easy and cute!


I have made two pillowcase dresses from the tutorial… one for Halloween (a fun and funky candy print on black fabric) and another for Turkey Day (brown plaid with an antique blue accent that I matched with the ribbon ties). My family suspects I've had a labotomy behind their backs, because I went from utter craftlessness to sewing adorable dresses in the span of a couple of weeks. Gotta keep 'em guessing!

Next up: the Snappy Toddler dress for a sweet pink/black corduroy fabric I bought. I'm hooked!


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