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*Editor’s note: Please forgive the disgusting display of Easter enthusiasm that follows. It’s true, I love Easter this much but, really Jacinda, this is just gross. Carry on:

I LOVE Easter. I love the treats, I love the beautiful eggs and the cute baby animals and new dresses and bulb flowers for moms. I love ham (with mustard.) I love memories of searching for and finding the most beautifully arranged baskets of treasures. I love the color palette and bonnets. I love all of the symbols that represent renewed life in such a sweet and celebratory way. Easter makes me think of my mom and remember my Nanny. As a mom, I’m VERY excited (and feel so lucky) to be planning beautiful baskets for two little girls. While I have a few handmade gifts up my sleeve, I’m also planning to stash a few new books in the baskets. I went to my local bookstore this weekend, did a little research, and picked up a couple for the Easter stash. Find the scoop on our Easter Book List after the jump! And once you have some new books, don’t forget to add some of our Spring Critter Bookplates.

I am a Bunny
This Richard Scarry classic takes Nicholas the bunny through the seasons with gorgeous, colorful illustrations. This board book is perfect for baby but would also be enjoyed by a child of 5 (or me.) I grabbed this one on the spot without hesitation.

Chicky chicky chook chook
This little board book is on our wishlist. It features unique, energetic illustrations and REALLY FUN non-sensical language that babies (and my rhyming obsessed 2 year old) would love.

The Golden Egg Book 
 The Golden Egg Book by children’s book master Margaret Wise Brown, features gorgeous Easter illustrations with an exquisite vintage feel. The story is funny and sweet! This is on our wishlist. You will soon realize that I have an Easter egg obsession. It’s in my blood, it can’t be helped.

Intricate eggs: 45 Easter designs to color
 I think this one would actually be for me. It’s a coloring book featuring detailed line drawings of ornately decorated eggs. Awesome gift for anyone who loves to color. I’ll admit, I still love to color, it’s so relaxing. right? I think this would be sweet for an artsy older kid, paired with a new set of colored pencils.

The Easter Egg
I was on the fence about this one. I’ve never been crazy about Jan Brett’s illustration style but her work here is masterful and I remember being so intrigued by books with this much detail when I was young. Plus, it scores major points for sheer number of Easter eggs. It has a great story and at $10.52 on Amazon, it really can’t be passed up. I think Clare would love it, my modern preferences aside.

Why haven’t I seen this book before? The illustrations are exquisite in black & white with a touch of peach and the story is lovely and funny. This one is already in the stash. Plus it’s by someone named Clare!

The Tale of Peter Rabbit: A Pop-up Adventure
We have this one on our shelf and it’s a favorite! Clare (a gentle book reader at 2) has a bit of a pop-up obsession right now. The pop-ups are fairly straight-forward and sturdy and there are parts for the child to move and manipulate. My favorite part is that this is the original Beatrix Potter text (and illustrations), no sugar-coating for the kiddies. Peter’s Pops gets cooked and Peter gets chased with a hoe. That’s life, get used to it. HAHA. At $10.87, it’s a steal (insert radish stealing reference here.)

Alice in Wonderland: Pop-up Book
And this last one is another pop-up by paper genius Robert Sabuda. Alice in Wonderland doesn’t have anything to do with Easter (do any of these books, really?) but our current pop-up obsession and Alice Mania make it a must-mention. It has a rabbit on the cover?… We just want it, ok?

But enough about us. What Easter/spring books are on  your favorites?




The Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems is really cute. (the guy who did the Pigeon books.)

Also I loved the Velveteen Rabbit when I was a kid.

Molly @ The Creative Maven

Aw, thank you so much for this list! I love to switch out the books in my son's reading basket for the season or holiday, and I haven't had time to research Easter/spring books – but now I don't have to!


I could list a million but I'll keep it to just a few of my favorites. I love "Little Bunny on the Move" by Peter McCarty, the illustrations are so beautiful! "The Golden Egg Book" by Margaret Wise Brown, classic. "So Many Bunnies" by Rick Walton. Elsa Maartman Beskow's, "The Sun Egg", "The Curious Fish", and "Children of the Forest", (all of her books are amazing.) "Bunches and Bunches of Bunnies" by Louise Mathews is also really cute.


I find it sad that nothing you discuss above has anything to do with what Easter is really about. If you don't believe in the real meaning of Easter, why celebrate it at all.


To Anonymous–Rebirth/ Spring/ Eggs/ Resurrection/ Jesus loves us all/Love/Giving/ Celebration/Easter bonnets/ Church/ Easter baskets/Stop to smell the tulips/ Appreciate the little things/Who said we don't believe???/
Why be anonymous???


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