Easy DIY Macramé Bottle Holder


We are obsessed with macramé and are happy to tell you that it really is not very difficult. We are also obsessed with Diet Coke so we thought a hanging herb garden would be an ideal way to upcycle our Diet Coke bottles. A Diet Coke bottle actually make a perfect planter for an herb garden, as the shape of the bottom of the bottle allows it to nestle nicely into your hanging rope. Follow this DIY and you will be planting your own little hanging herb garden in no time at all. Macramé is just tying knots, and we break it down for you very simply after the jump.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 20

Or, you could just carry your Diet Coke around in it, so everyone knows it is yours and you don’t have to share…
Macrame Bottle Holder

It’s also key to make sure people understand that all the Diet Coke belongs to you, and you plan to keep it that way.
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Get our DIY Macramé Bottle Holder DIY after the jump AND also enter to win a Diet Coke package featuring two bottles personalized with the name of your choosing (which is awesome, because you cannot order a personalized Diet Coke anywhere)…

How to Make a Macramé Bottle Holder

First you need to prepare your bottle. Tell your friend Megan that you love her, but are busy for a few hours.
Share a Diet Coke with Megan

Use some washi tape to make it clear who this Diet Coke belongs to, then drink it all.
Share a Diet Coke with Me

Use a craft knife or sharp scissors to cut off the top of the bottle.
Cut the bottle Now your bottle is ready to be planted with whatever herbs or succulents you desire.

Now it’s time to macramé. Start by cutting your cord. You can use anything you want, we love paracord and jute, or even yarn (though I wouldn’t want yarn to get wet at all), but we used thick cotton twine.
Cut 3 lengths of cord to 8 feet long.
Cut one length of cord to 11 feet long.

Now hold all four cords together aligned at one end. Fold them so three of them are folded in half, but let the extra length of the 11′ cord hang down below the rest.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 1

Clip the folded end into a clip board like so. Keep the extra long cord on the right hand side, and pull the length through, so the whole piece is hanging down, not folded at all, with the extra length below the clip.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 2

Now we are going to create our hanging loop by knotting. So start by taking the right hand length of cord, the extra long one, and pulling it under the three cords on the side of the loop:
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 4

then back over the cords, and under itself.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 5

Pull it tight.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 6

DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 7

Continue to repeat
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 8

until you have tied twenty knots in this fashion. You may want to rotate your clipboard as you go. Pull the knots very tight as you go. When you have completed 20 knots, your loop will be complete.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 9

Turn the loop over and clip it back into your clipboard
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 10

Take the right hand length of cord and extend it over the inner six pieces, and pull it under the left hand length of cord.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 11

Take the left hand length of cord, loop it under all seven pieces and over the right hand cord.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 12

Pull the knot tight.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 13

DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 14

Repeat until you have tied 3 knots.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 15

Now group your eight lengths of cord into groups of two. Pick the cords closest to each other to create your groups.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 16

Using the side of your clipboard as a guide for length, tie a simple knot in each group of the 4 groups of 2 cords.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 17

Use this simple knot technique. Make sure the knots are at the same length in each group.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 18

Secure the 4 groups of cords under your clip board.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 19

Measure down about 2 inches, and take one cord from the first group, and knot it to the closest cord in the next group using the same simple knot.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 20

When you have attached all three, remove the project from the clipboard, and secure the remaining two outside pieces of cord with another simple knot. Now your project has taken on a tubular shape.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 21

Repeat the process above by pulling one cord from each of the last knots and securing it to an adjacent cord with a simple knot about 2 inches down from the previous row.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 22

Now clip your macramé to the board right above the final row of knots.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 23

Measure about 3 inches down and tie all eight cords together in a large, tight knot.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 24

At this point, you can add beads if you desire, just by stringing them and tying knots in each individual cord. I found these handmade ceramic beads here, but wood beads are always a classic for macramé.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 25

Trim your rope to create a pretty tassel that will cradle your Diet Coke in its loving embrace.
DIY Macrame Bottle Holder 26

Plant an herb garden,
DIY Macramé Bottle Holder

or just protect your Diet Coke.
Macrame Bottle Holder

Share a Diet Coke with Justin and Megan? I mean you could.
Justin and Megan

Or you could keep it for yourself. Just saying.
Share a Diet Coke with Just Me

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This post was sponsored and inspired by Diet Coke. As usual, all opinions are my own, especially the opinion that I love Diet Coke.




This worked swimmingly! I have a huge tupperware bottle that just can’t fit into any bag, now it has a lovely yarn carrier I just tote around whenever! Thank you so much for sharing!


This was cute. I used a hot pink carpenter string with small oblong wooden beads. You gave great instructions.


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