Easy Felt Star Headband DIY

felt star headband

Quinn is modeling a sweet and simple felt star headband. This is a fun Summer sewing project for kids just learning how to use a needle and thread. Make one for “Back to Schoo,l” or just because she’s a star, or just because she is driving you crazy with the hair in the eyes. Here’s how…Materials
Decorative elastic, ½” (12 mm) wide
Star template (click to download)
Yellow wool felt
Air-erasable fabric marker
Sharp Fabric Scissors
Straight pins
Seed beads
Hand sewing needle

Cut a piece of elastic long enough to fit around your child’s head slightly stretched. (A general guideline is 13” (33 cm)
for an infant, 15” (38 cm) for a child, and 17” (43 cm) for an adult.)

Place the star template on the felt. Trace around it using the fabric marker. Use the template to trace 4 more stars. Cut out all 5 stars. (You can purchase pre-cut felt stars instead.)

Fold the elastic in half to find the centerpoint. Place 1 star at this point and pin it in place. Place 2 more stars, evenly
spaced, to the right and to the left of the center star. Pin in place.

To attach the stars, insert a threaded needle from the wrong side of the elastic headband up through the center of one
star. Thread on 1 seed bead and insert the needle back down through the star and the elastic. Add a few more stitches for
security and tie it off on the wrong side of the headband.

Repeat for the remaining stars.

felt star headband

Bring the elastic’s short sides together, right sides facing.

Hand-sew the short ends together. Turn it right side out and wear.

felt star headband

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