Embroidered Footstool Before & After

reupholster a foot stool

Throughout the Borderline Brilliant Embroidery Contest we will be sharing projects that might inspire your own entry. A few weeks ago I reupholstered a footstool in oilcloth, this past weekend I used the artwork on this Melody Miller fabric as a template and created an embroidered version. This $10 footstool is now my daughters favorite hangout. But do you want to know a secret about this little seat?

It opens!

What better place for a crafty kid to store a few of her favorite supplies?


Embroidering over fabric seems pretty easy, right? It is!


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hey sarah-
I threw away the can so I’m not sure but it was just a basic rustoleum dk gray. It’s looking more blue here than it is in person.


I love the hidden space…did you add the hinge and make a box of the base or were you just lucky enough to find a stool with that feature?


It was already like that Amanda, but I have seen this style before so keep an eye out for one!


holy cow, fast forward. this morning 2019 I am starting to re-cover EXACTLY the same footstool. Exact same fabric. And wood color. I wondered how it would look painted!! thanks for this. did you have to get different hinges to allow for the more foam/fabric? I love this. I’ll post mine later if this is still up


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