Farm-tastic First Birthday: Flower Pot Favors

Just when you thought I might be finished… here’s more Farm-tastic First Birthday!

Our little planting station was a huge hit at the party, get the DIY scoop after the jump.

For the Pots:

This isn’t the neatest technique but it is fast!  If you want your pots to look super professional, you should mask with tape but it will be significantly more time consuming. I was perfectly happy with the results of this quickie method.

Note: unless you want the fingernails of a coal miner wear some gloves.

1.  Wrap a piece of paper around the base of the pot and spray the top portion.

2. Turn the pot and spray the other side. Let dry.

Funny story… Did you know that you can just write on clay pots with chalk… without chalkboard paint? Yup, my mom showed me that one after I spray painted 30 pots. Awesome. I still think they look good with the chalkboard paint though. I’m going to use the leftover pots for little herb gifts! PS. Jaime had chalkboard pots as favors at her wedding 4 years ago. She’s a trend-setter.

How to set up your table:

• Place a piece of plywood on 4 cinder blocks. The smoother the wood the better! This was pretty gnarly plywood from our garage and it still worked great for the party. As a permanent chalkboard it could have been smoother.

• Sand as needed (I didn’t)

• Spray entire top and edges with a primer. I used a can of Kilz Primer Spray

• Let dry.

• Fill any cracks/spaces with Spackling and Nail Hole Filler. I like this Dry Dex from Home Depot.

Use an old credit card (or the back of a butter knife in a pinch) to smooth the spackle.

• Let dry.

• Add another layer of Kilz Spray Primer and dry.

• Follow instructions on your spray can of chalkboard paint. I did 3 light all-over coats and had a great finish.

• Delegate writing instructions for plant potting to left-brained husband. He did a great job!

• Add large tubs of dirt, pots, stones for the bottom of each pot, gloves, shovels, a watering can, flowers and chalk. The little boys will spend the entire party shoveling dirt between the two dirt tubs. Boys are funny like that.

The aftermath!





very cute!
which brand chalk board paint did you use?
I just tried spraying something but I wasn't thrilled with the results…seemed like one of those cheap chalkboards that don't hold the chalk too well. could it be my crayola chalk? maybe I need another coat of paint.


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