Flea Market Finds

Last weekend, I ventured out of my Texas Summer hibernation and returned to Canton with a few pals and Miss Quinn Frances who, I must note, was the most chill baby ever to ride in a car for 3 hours and ride in a stroller for 3 hours without a fuss. Thank you for being you Quinn!

SO… I thought I would share some of the goodies that I spotted. It’s like watching American Pickers. Vicarious thrifting!

Rows and rows of vintage boot. Can someone get me over my fear of used shoes? It would open a world of footwear opportunity for me.

Board game covers would be so excellent framed in the nursery.

As would vintage pennants. Wish I had snagged a few at $1 each!

And there’s more after the jump! Remember any comment you leave this week could win you the pretty Alexander Henry fat quarter. Tell me what you can’t believe I left behind. Or tell me what you have found lately. Or tell me what I need to do to get over my fear of used shoes. I’m listening…

Quilts that I wanted to rescue from their life on the road and take home and love.

Wouldn’t these be so cute (and awesomely creepy?) all painted white and filled with succulents as centerpieces for a party? I have just one, my toothbrush lives in it.

These dishes spoke to me but I was able to ignore their cries.

Thrifting note: Taking photos of items does not help in negotiations. This cute lamp would have been perfect for a little makeover but dude wouldn’t budge below $20.

This was just pretty.

This was just funny.

This little pink flip-top desk would have been perfect for the craft cave, don’t you think?

And this was a GORG scrapbook filled with vintage greeting cards. Should have nabbed it at $15.

Piles of hand-embroidered pillowcases for pillowcase dress perfection.

And just as many handmade aprons at $3 each.

Before leaving town, we had to make a stop at the fried pie shop, one exit south. I know we have been talking healthy food all week but, come on, every once in a while you need to indulge in a fried pie.

Quinn liked the cherry best!




Oh. My. God.

I want it all…. (even the fried pies… even though I'm not 100% sure what they even are lmao)

Oh man… If I were there there wouldn't have been much room left in the car on the way back, that's for sure… oh to live in L'america & indulge in such a thrift-ful paradise!!!


Regarding the used shoes – I am a HUGE germ-a-phobe, but somehow a great deal overpowers that. When I see an awesome find for a steal, I get so jazzed about the deal, I don't even think about where the item has been. I found awesome Hannah Anderson pants at GW for $3! Think of it like this – if you go bowling (and I'm assuming you don't own your own bowling shoes, but maybe you do) how many tootsies of varying degrees of cleanliness have been in those shoes? Just that day even! So if you can do that, you can certainly make yourself wear those rad boots. And if you get a pang of "ewww" while wearing them, immediately tell yourself how cheap they were and how the savings allows you to buy more treasures, or craft stuff, or giveaways for your cool, psychologically-soothing readers. If it really bothers you, hit 'em with some Lysol. Remember – bowling shoes = 100s of feet. Cool boots have probably only been worn by one person. Don't pull a Howie Mandel. Grab those boots/shoes/whatever next time you see a pair that catches your eye. That's my assignment for you. And if you do it and report back to me, I'll send YOU a cool giveaway!

sweeter than cupcakes

Have you been to the Warrenton/Round Top antique show? If you like Canton you would love it! Take a look at a few of my pics from our last trip on my blog. There are more from previous trips too.

Patrick, Ashley, and Audrey

I Love the framed board game idea!!!! That is awesome….I may be borrowing that idea for the playroom at my house!
I can't believe you left behind those pillow cases! I love the embroidered detail at the bottom of the one in the pic. Plus vintage cases like that are always SO SOFT!!!!


I tend to have an overactive imagination, but I have decided when you buy used shoes you never know where they've been. SO YOU are in control of making up a story about them. Imagine they were worn by a super clean person with lovely pedicured feet! I just bought a pair of 25yr old vintage Bandolino cowgirl boots – they are awesome! I like to imagine they were worn by a beautiful woman in Italy – maybe with a colorful skirt as she went to buy food at the market…so let your imagination run wild with positive thoughts- maybe that will help πŸ™‚


I loved the dishes and quilts! I'm getting stuff ready to move in with my fiance and we need all of those type things! I couldn't have passed those up!


In your boot picture I see a pair of blue boots sitting right next to a pair of charming yellow… and they just make me want to cry, sitting there all unclaimed and whatnot.
Since you have an aversion to second hand shoes, but I do not… next time you come accross adorableness in shoe form, go ahead and grab it for me, okay?
I wear a sz 6. πŸ™‚

Emily B

Fried pie? That happens? Man. I need to get out more.
I looove that pink desk/dressery piece. It's the kind of thing that would fit anywhere, because it has such a small footprint. And being already painted means no guilt about recoating (I can never bear to paint a natural wood finish).

Itty Bitty Beasties

Swamp Donkeys & Circus Weasels is a regular part of my vocabulary after watching American Pickers!! You took the best prize of the day home with you….Quinn with her cherry nose! She is so cute and her name is perfect!


Okay, the dog in the stroller is just too much. Especially since my daughter rides in one exactly the same! Personally, I think it suits D better than the hound.


I have the hardest time "playing it cool" when I see something I want at a flea market! I have absolutely no poker face so I ALWAYS end up paying "full price" πŸ™
The dishes are awesome (but not the price, I suppose)!

Southern Gal

The glassware is gorgeous. I would have nabbed those pillowcases in a heartbeat. I don't do well with negotiations at flea markets so I usually come home empty handed and kicking myself for not going ahead and paying full price for whatever it was I loved so much!

Love your tutorials.


I am NOT the one to help you get over your used shoe fears…I can hardly stand kids books from the library. Used shoes, fogetaboutit


I too am not the one that could talk you in to getting used shoes. Now if my kids out grow them then I will pass them on to their brother. I cannot buy used shoes for the kids or myself though. Just a feeling…..a yucky one! LOL

I loved the pictures. Oh, and that Lamp!! $20 that guy was CRAZY!

I loved the pillowcases! adorable!



Boots.. if you don't like the thought of wearing them.. they always make cute centerpieces (especially filled with big sunflowers, etc). Can even be spray-painted to match! Of course I love the quilts and the desk, too! Note to self: go to Canton sometime!

just in case πŸ™‚ ecc3_11 at hotmail dot com


I really wish I can be one of those people to pick up some super fab USED shoes and actually wear them….but….I'm not. The thought of wearing used shoes gives me the same heebie jeebies as the thought of using someone else's tooth brush. *gag* When I worked at the hospital here, I notice how many people didn't wear socks with "sock appropriate" shoes, ie boots, running shoes. No matter how clean they appeared from the ankles on up, those shoes…EWWW YUCK! The smell for one, then there was no way to miss the mold along the stitching from the foot moisture. Ack. I'm sorry but there's no way to really clean the inside of a shoe. Even with socks, I would feel as if a foot fungus army was fighting through the fibers of my socks to seek refuge in the middle of my toes. I'd make a boot lamp instead. πŸ™‚

The Oxford Family

Love the little desk and the dishes! I was tempted to go to Canton this weekend but heard it was a MAD HOUSE!!! Glad you all had fun! Maybe I'll brave it next month? I'll only be 38 weeks pregnant….maybe it'll get things going πŸ˜‰

Ian and Kristen

I would have loved to snag the Portugal apron! My husband served a mission for our church in Portugal for two years- it would be a cool thing to have!

craighead gal

Well, now I'm about to bawl–before my momma died, we went to Canton almost every month. I lived in Mississippi then and she lived north of Tyler, Texas. I'd drive down I-20 and off we'd go! It was so much fun. Haven't been back, but maybe I will someday…
I'd SO snatch up those apron, quilts and pillowcases! I still have some in my collection from back then. And the Fried Pie Shop! I'm not a Texan, but I'm homesick for Texas!


So many bargains – I think I love the crockery best…your restraint is commendable! I bought a pair of used Texan cowboy boots when I was in Austin, and to be honest I didn't think twice about it, even though I usually never buy recycled shoes – I think there is something about those boots which makes them way better if they're worn in and a bit scuffed…

Team Botanical

Those plates! My grandmother had the exact set. Well, by the time I was using them there weren't many left, and those she had were chipped up from years of use, but wow. Holy waves of nostalgia. Thank you.


Please tell me you bought something. How do you resist so much temptation! I love the dishes and that pink desk has a lot of potential. I also liked that little round table next to the pink desk. And that was a cute apron. How come I never have that kind of luck when I go to flea markets

Rising Designs

If you really like the boots buy them!
Then follow these steps for sanitation.
*First don rubber gloves.
*Next, saturate a disposable scrubby with Lysol cleaner. Now, Scrub, scrub, scrub the innards.
*You must now take a clean, old, wet rag and wipe out the inside of the shoes/boots repeatedly.
*Place in the sun to dry and air out.
*Fill the foot of an old nylon stocking half way with kitty litter(need I say unused?)Put into shoe to remove odor.( You can do this with your own shoes too.)
*If you still detect an odor, spray again with Lysol and/or fill them with dried rosemary sea salt, and incense.
*Place boots in a wet brown paper bag and microwave on low for a few minutes. Avoid burning.
*Now do the same thing with the microwave!

Happy Homemaker

We were in Canton this weekend, also. We go up almost every First Monday. I love it!! So many cute things and such great finds. This last weekend was insanely crowded, but still fun.

Vicki Graff

I'm hungry for fried pies now! I don't even like fried!

Those quilts are beautiful! and I love the idea to use those little creepy characters as toothbrush holders – we need a new one at home. I'll have to hit up our local flea markets to see what I can find. Thanks for the idea!

Did you get anything at the flea market? You can't leave empty handed…


Vicki-I snagged the adorable children's rocking chairs that I posted yesterday. ($25 for the pair!) And scored some vintage fabric (read: sheets) that I will share with you soon!


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