Four Candy-Free Valentine’s Day Card Ideas (With Free Printables)

Here’s four totally fresh Valentine’s Day card ideas that are super sweet, yet candy free.

Scarlet’s favorite is definitely a little jar of glitter, with a topper that says “You Make the World Sparkle.”

Or how about some bubbles that say “You Blow My Mind?”

My favorite are these cute band aids (kids really love band-aids, don’t they?) that say “You Make Me Feel Better.”

Or crayons (perhaps heart-shaped crayons?) that say “You Color My World.”

All you need to make these easy valentine’s cards and pack them up for school parties are some 4″ cello bags, glue dots, and our free printables.

Get the candy-free Valentine’s Card downloads after the jump…

For glitter, download the free printable here: You Make the World Sparkle

For bubbles, download here: Download here: You Blow My Mind

For band aids, download here: You Make Me Feel Better

For crayons or paints, download here: You Color My World

Print out on white 8.5″X11″ cardstock (make sure you aren’t set to “shrink to fit” or anything, just let ’em print as is), and cut out.

Fold in half, and secure over the folded top of your stuffed treat bag with a glue dot on each corner.

So sweet.



Cait L

I love these! I like it when there are alternatives to sweets on the holidays. Plus, when kids get a stack of Valentine’s these will really stick out once all the candy is gone.

Love the new site, by the way!


Melt old crayons in a heart shaped pan. You can use silicone molds if you melt in a can inside a pot with a bit of water then pour. This is exactly what I thought if.


These are so creative and cute. I’m going to save these for when my little one hits school, perfect non-candy treats!


You guys amaze me! I might stick jolly ranchers or different colored candy hearts in the “You color my world” bag. I’m such a sucka for candy….but I love your style! xo, diane


and btw…is there a prudent baby support group? I’m finding that I may have an addiction:)


What a great idea, -except- we didn’t have anything but a basket full of broken crayons. Light bulb!
We took what we had and put the broken up crayons into cupcake tins and melted them in the oven at 275 degrees farignhit for about 10 minutes. Cooled and used your fabulous tags for a candy free Valentines exchange.

My favorite tags were…All of them! Great job & thanks for sharing your talent.

April @ sewing novice

Thanks for the ideas and free printables!! I used them to make bags for my daughter’s class (2-3 year olds). I also printed tiny Valentine related pictures for them to color on. For the teachers I bought colored pens and a small notebook. Thanks again!!!


Where do you get that red and white twine? I think you use a blue and white version of that in Quinn’s birthday for the balloon and the banner on her cake. I’m planning a birthday soon and wanted to use that twine. Thank you!


These are all sooo dang cute!! I used the ‘you blow my mind’ one for my daughters pre-school class — they are the cutest things EVER! THANK U so much!! Also I’m wondering if you could tell me the name of the font that you used on the word blow?? I’m doing a bubblegum party for my little girl and that font is perfect… i just cant find it anywhere. Anyway THX again! U R A-mazing!! 🙂


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