Framed Rug as Wall Art

A framed rug isn’t something you see often. Placing a rug on the wall turns it into an art installation with big impact in a small room.
Image of a framed rug I once showed you how to hang a rug on your wall. That was a quick and simple solution to getting this gorgeous camel hair rug I purchased on our trip to Jordan up as wall art, but since we moved into our new home, this rug was gently folded and stored in a cabinet along with a gorgeous runner we also bought in Jordan.

Well, the other day I went into the cabinet to get the rugs out, and found the runner with a giant hole in it, covered in larvae – it had been eaten! It was devastating. Luckily this little guy had been spared. I decided I wanted to protect this one for the long term – a framed rug it would become. I sent it out to Framebridge, and I think they did a great job. The key is to ask for your rug to be float mounted. A vintage rug isn’t usually perfectly rectangular, so a float mount allows the edges and the charm of the rug’s shape to shine.



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