Free Koala Printable for Valentine’s Day

Here is a free koala printable for Valentine’s Day!

free koala art

The animals of Australia have been on all of our minds so I couldn’t resist featuring sweet koala bears on my Valentine’s Day printables. I hope you like them! The art is saved as 6″x4″ jpegs and can easily be printed on photo sized paper.

Feel free to download and print this free koala printable. Also, please consider making a donation to one of the many organizations that is helping the animals affected by the bushfire in Australia. This CNN article gives more information on How to Help Australia Bushfire Victims.

free koala art free koala art

This art is only approved for personal use. Do not sell or share the art files but please feel free to share the link to this post.

Free Koala Printable for Valentine’s Day – DOWNLOAD HERE

free koala artfree koala art

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Visit my instagram @jacindastudio to see a video of how I turned my watercolor paintings into these cards in Procreate.



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