The comment that stuck with us this week (that’s right, a glue pun) is from Shannon who says…

“Are you KIDDING me? These are absolutely adorable and exactly what I want to finish off my fall decor. I am making one right now, like literaly rumaging through my fabrics and scraps right NOW! Must stop typing as cutting will get tricky and a might bit danfergous. THANK YOU!!!”

Shannon, we love your enthusiasm for Scrappy Pumpkins and that you live danfergously. We do too. Enjoy this awesome Aleene’s Fabric Tacky Pack of delicious glues, including No Sew Fabric Glue, Jewel It, and OK To Wash It. Perfect for making Rolled Fabric Flowers!

And now for this week. It’s a repeat prize but a great one and quite appropriate as we have the perfect 1/2 yard oilcloth project coming up! It’s an entire HALF YARD of NICEY JANE Oilcloth Picnic Bouquet in Moss from our lovely sponsor

This is a laminated fabric that is gorgeous and easy to work with.  So turn on the charm like you always do ladies, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say this week…

Just to clarify:  you do not enter this giveaway by leaving a comment on this post.  You enter by reading prudent baby all week and leaving funny or interesting comments on any/all of the posts throughout the week.  On Friday we will pick our favorite comment from the entire week.  Good luck!




Ok, I know you specifically told us not to comment here, but I just have to! I'm a first-time mom to a 5-week old son and have been loving all these mommy crafts on your blog for some time now. While I have a whole line-up of stuff I want to create for the little dude, a changing mat is very first on my list. Last night at about 4am, I had a urine/poop/breast milk explosion while I tried to change him on my bed, and the crappy, ugly, pilled, 12" squared Target mat just didn't cut it. I need pretty oil cloth stat, and I'm thinking I want to cook up a larger version of your diy travel changing mat. This lovely fabric has inspired me – thank you thank you!

Gina B.

Oooh! I've been wanting to make a lunch bag that calls for a half yard of oil cloth. It is gorg! I super, super hope I win it! (And yes, I'll be back to comment later in the week to up my chances.)

Marcia W.

I'm not a mama – I am a Prudent great aunt to 2 little ones with 2 more to be born later this year. As we live close to the grandnieces, we are privileged to provide free childcare every week. So, like mama Kirsten, would like to make a changing pad to avoid messes. I'll be back…


I luv this vintage look & I luv aprons! One can never have enough aprons! I am a struggling fabric painter, fortunately some of it lands on the fabric. Enter the oilcloth apron, perfect!

Katie Gonzalez

I love love love Heather Bailey! I have worked with her fabrics so much. The who floral girly thing she has going on is always on the mark for my two little girls and I. I always wanted to work with oilcloth, preferably wanting to make seat covers for my dining room chairs. My girls wreck the chairs, and they are well….beat up! Hope I win, then I could get familiar with oilcloth for my future project!


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