Garnet Gemstones Nail Tutorial

Garnet Gemstones Nail Tutorial
Ally from Nail in the Coffee is starting off our week with a new nail tutorial. This one is inspired by her January birthstone (Happy birthday, Ally!). I love this one because you can change up the colors to work for any birthstone. The deep red is also perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up. I’ll let Ally tell you more about it.

Garnet Gemstone Nail Tutorial

Check out the tutorial for these Garnet Gemstones Nails after the jump…

Garnet Gemstones Nail Tutorial

For this month’s tutorial I’m using this gorgeous butter LONDON polish that instantly reminded me of January’s birthstone, Garnet. Since this is my birth month – and week – I decided to honor that by creating these gemstone like nails.

Garnet Gemstones Nail Tutorial

1. Using nail striping tape, create the cris-crossing patterns of a gemstone.

2. Paint one coat of the jewel-tone color of your choice – I chose this garnet red!

3. Immediately after painting, remove the striping tape. Check back to my Fourth of July striping post for tips on using striping tape.

Garnet Gemstones Nail Tutorial

I’m not going to lie Ladies – the difficulty level on this one is a bit higher than some of our past designs, but I totally believe in you – if I can do it, you can do it!

Garnet Gemstones Nail Tutorial

I think the overall look is completely worth the work. And keep in mind that you don’t have to do quite so many “fractures” as I did – I got a little carried away! But take a look at my right hand (in the picture below, holding the polish) and you can see that even with only three strips of tape the idea still comes across without a doubt.

Here’s the polish I used:

Garnet Gemstones Nail Tutorial butter LONDON Nail Lacquer, Red Shades, La Moss

Till soon,


Nail in the Coffee

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