Giraffe Softy

My super crafty sister-in-law made this gorgeous giraffe softy for Clare using Vogue Pattern 8349. It now resides in Quinn’s room, given the color scheme, and I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about the theft so I just ordered a copy of the pattern to make one for Clare. I would ask my sister-in-law to make another but she is working on her PhD (smarty-pants) so I’m guessing she has a 1-fabulous-giraffe-softy-per-year limit.

I also ordered this pattern which I think would look really cute in felt or a sweet cotton print. There are alot of new babies around. These would make a-dor-able holiday gifts.

Funny how the fabric choice truly makes-or-breaks these, no?




This giraffe pattern just came in the mail and it's a little intimidating. I don't think I would attempt it by hand. However, I just got Stitched in Time by Alicia Paulson and there is a project for a simple stuffed felt horse/giraffe that would be a PERFECT newbie project to do by hand. Here is a picture from her flickr group.


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