Children’s Activity Atlas : An Interactive & Fun Way to Explore Your World

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Throughout the years the Pretty Prudent kiddos have traveled to quite a few places around the world, from the the castles of Norway, to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Since they are still pretty young, it’s not always easy for them to grasp the entirety of the world, people, and cultures. When we received a copy of Children’s Activity Atlas: An Interactive & Fun Way to Explore Your World it seemed like the perfect solution.

Giveaway: Children's Activity Atlas

Inside Children’s Activity Atlas you will find colorful maps with images pointing out key features about each area. Along with a plethora of visa and flag stickers, you’ll also find a sheet of postcards and their very own passport to keep track of their travels.

Giveaway: Children's Activity Atlas

Learn fun facts as you fill this book out like, “China produces more tea than any other country in the world,” and “Coral looks like a plant but it is really made up of thousands of tiny, brightly colored animals.” There are also Fact Files about each continent that point out the longest mountain ranges, longest river, desert, and more.

Giveaway: Children's Activity Atlas

We have loved our copies of Children’s Activity Atlas so much that today we are going to be giving away a copy to one of you!

Giveaway: Children's Activity Atlas Giveaway: Children's Activity Atlas


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